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Ch.19 Title: Till Next Time My Love (Its the last day they can spend with their family and there off to the military base -a/n) Jimin pov. How should I tell sunlee? SL: JIMIN!!! JAE!!! FOOD READY!!! Jae: okay! I walked towards the kitchen and saw jae and sunlee eating... SL: Jimin... "Hmm" SL: jae gonna be sleeping over at his friends house for a couple days... Is that okay with you? "Yeah...When is he going to be home?" SL: Sunday at 6:00pm. "Okay" . . . I sent jae to school and was on my way home. While driving the road was blocked off because of a car accident. The car had looked familiar but I can't remeber the owner of the car. I just continued driving and soon I was home. I entered the house and saw sunlee on the couch watching tv. "Aigoo my jagiya worked to hard today" I walked over to her and rubbed her shoulders and then gave her a hug. SL: jimin sit over here... "Okay" I sat on the couch and saw what she was watching BREAKING NEWS EXO maknae Oh Sehun is heading off to the military. He will be out of the military of the year ____. SL: aigoo my brother going into the military... I hope he's takes good care of himself... "Sunlee I have something to tell you" i said looking down. SL: Are you okay?... What's wrong?.... "I got a call.....and the person told me that I have one month to spend with you guys and then I have to leave to the military..." SL: I know.. "How did you know?" SL: you know when I told you im going to sleep.. "Yeah" SL: Right when I went to the room and laid on the bed I remembered that i forgot something so I got up slowly and walked toward the living and I heard you talking about it. "Oh." SL: I'm going to miss you a lot.. "Me too. But I'm going to regret leaving you again..And you'll have to raise jae on your own again" SL: it's okay..Dont regret its your job to go..and I'll be find raising him alone I did that for a while but I'll be okay just dont worry to much about us. I slowly started to tear up by her words. Sunlee lifted my head and wiped my tears and brought me into a hug. "I'm scared something might happen to me.... I'm scared i wont be able to see you and jae again... I'm scared...." SL: its okay... I'm scared as well but i can wait till you come back i promise.. I pulled from the hug and saw sunlee crying as well... Promise me that you will not cry while im gone. SL: I promise. "If jae asks where I went. Tell him that I went to work and tell him I love him." SL: I will ~ring ring~ "Hello" Person: it's your time to go. Where in front of your house. "Okay can you give me a couple of minutes." Person: sure ~ends call~ "I Love You" SL: I Love You Jimin We kissed and I got up and hugged her and we walked out the door and she watched me enter the car and drove off I waved good bye to her. Till Next Time My Love....


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