100 Day Challenge

So just like I said day 89 will have it's own card. just because I have lots of songs that I like.I'm going to list my top 9 openings so lets get on with this show.

Song one. Howling from Darker than Black. This song and this anime is awesome. there is nothing that I do not like from this

Song two~ Monochrome no kiss from black bulter

Song three~ D-Tecnolife by UverWorld from Bleach .Thank you@ZephyrBlaze for the name of the song.

Song four~ Hoshikuzu no Ring ( Stardust ring) from Corpse Party Tortured Souls.

Song five~ The World from Death Note.

Song six~ Izayoi Namida from Hakouoki.

Song seven~ Sakura kiss ( Cherry Blossom Kiss) from Ouran High School Host Club.

Song eight~ Yugioh theme song

Song nine~ Tomorrow's Memories from Black Blood brothers.

I have many more that I like but these are my top 9. So that's day 89.

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