Bridal Mask Episode 4 - Live Recap pt. 3

Mokdan disguises herself and goes into town. Kangto gets a glimpse of her in the building, she is looking for the knife/weapon. Kangto goes into the building with a gun... She tries to escape but kangto catches her and reveals that its Mokdan. He is wondering why she wants taht weapon.. He is shocked and Mokdan escapes. 13 years ago, Kangto finds a girl that is helpless on the side of the road with her sick mother. Kangto helps her and sees a mark behind the ear. It's the same mark he sees when he captures Mokdan. Mokdan is actually Kangto's childhood friend. The knife has lots of symbolism. The knife was given to Kangto from his dad. He gives it to Mokdan as a gift. KAngto learns taekwondo from his older brother, he shows her. The two are left alone in the field as they run away. HE gives the knife to Mokdan as a lucky charm. He wants to meet her again. In order to save her, he gives himself up so she can run away. Kangto is almost killed until his brother shows up and kills the rebel. The whole time Kangto thought that Mokdan was a lost hope and he feels shocked. It really rocks what he actually believes in and what side he's been on the whole time. Mokdan comes back to her circus friends and says she encountered Kangto. The leader wants to keep Mokdan safe and wants to kill the emperial leadership. They all agree but one girl. Shunji is at the club stressed because of what Mokdan said. Go to part 4! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

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