{WW} (even though it's now Thursday) villian edition

Sorry I'm a day late but I was busy all yesterday and completely spaced it. And again I'm sorry, for mine isn't an anime character, but a video game character.

Aranea Highwind

While initially one of the bad guys, she ends up joining the party as a guest character. She is a mercenary and really just does it for the money. She doesn't stand for the same morally obstructed views of the imperial army such as the use of deamons in warfare. Close to end game she breaks off from the empire and works as a search and rescue unit with her loyal subordinates Biggs and Wedge.

She cracks jokes and puns just like the rest of party and of course she's hot as hell xD Thank you for taking the time to look at my post and again please don't hate me for my non-anime character choice. I've been kinda obsessed with this game lately, clocking 242 hours in a little under a month and half.

Of course the mod crew@OtakuDemon10@AmazingAshley@AimeBolanos and idk if anyone else wants/needs tagged sooo... ask i guess??

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