Bridal Mask Episode 4 - Live Recap pt. 4

Kangto is utterly confused at his situation and defiles what him and Shunji believe in. Shunji gets angry and punches Kangto in the face. Kangto's brother keeps looking at their picture and wishes Kangto would come to his senses. Kangto is walking home when he hears his mom praying outside, hoping that Kangto would come to his senses. Kangto is talking to his brother while he thinks he's actually sleeping. He lies beside him and asks if he remembers about his dad and their harsh living situation. and he made a promise not to die. Kangto really thought mokdan died, he couldnt stand to see if she died or not, so he turned his head. The truth is KAngto doesnt want to live like this either. He wants for his family to be happy. He thought the only way was by abiding my emperial law. Kangto is still young and doesnt know any better way. They are both in tears. The next morning, Kangtos brother gets up early and gets afish for them to eat a delicious breakfast with their mom. It turns out that the circus people are after Kangto and Mokdan tries to kill him. Kangto shoots mokdan and finds out he shot Mokdan. It ends there. ---Previews--- Mokdan is kept prisoner. Kimura threatens Shunji. Gaksital finally reveals himself to Kangto. Thank you everyone. Hope you enjoyed my live recaps. See you all next week! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

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