Coffee Break part 54

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Keri view*** I woke up to my phone ringing and not stopping.  The singing of its made me crack an eye open. Reach my phone I grabbed it and answered. "Morning yoongi" I answered. "Where are you?" Yoongi asked sounding panicked "I'm sleeping Sweet heart." I said. A huge sigh came out of him. "So your at home? Tae just got back  and said he was supposed to go with you to lunch but ended up with Layla" he said. "Oh yes, I planned that.  Sweetheart can I go back to sleep now?" I asked. "No. What are you planning baby?" Yoongi asked, a little too clever. "Just doing cupid. Sweetheart. I'm. Hanging. Up. " I said slowly. My head was killing me and my eyes hurt. I couldn't keep them open any longer. "Wait" he said before I pulled the phone away. "What?" I asked "Are we getting together tonight?" He asked. "Probably not. I'm sleeping all day" I said.  I added a goodbye and then hung up. "Ugh" I squeezed my eyes shut and slowly went back to sleep. . . A couple hours later I was up, Layla was over now going over what happened during the afternoon. She seemed to be happy with the trade off of being with Tae instead of me. "Hey have you been rock climbing before?" She asked "No, have you?" I asked. "No" she pouted "I'm afraid I'll make a fool of myself with Tae when we go. I have no clue how" Layla said. "Hmm, I'm sure you'll be fine" I nodded. "Wait wait, I have a friend who does that kind of stuff" Layla lit up. "What kind of stuff?" I questioned. "You know, active, works out, runs, all that sporty stuff. Hah that's the word sporty!' She said. "That's good, ask her" I said. Layla pulled out her phone and called her friend up. "Mia! Hey" Layla said when the girl answered. She put it on speaker. "Have you ever been rock climbing?" She asked. "Yes. why?" The girl mia said. "Omg okay. Is it hard? Im going on a date and were doing that as an activity" she explained. Mia tried to explain the levels of easy to hard levels and after a little bit finally just decided it would be better to go to a place and try it out. "Are you game?" Layla asked me. "Sure" I shrugged. "Great, so tonight?" Layla said. "Sure, well go to my gym, they have a section for rock climbing" Mia said. "Cool, we'll meet you there" Layla said. "We're really gonna go tonight?" I questioned. "Yes! Oh I'm excited!  Hey you have yoga pants I can borrow?" She asked. "Yea sure let me get them" I said getting up. After changing into clothes that would be decent to work out in I ended up messaging Yoongi that I was going out to do rock climbing with Layla to practice. He just said he would pay to see that, then not to hurt myself.

Mia view****  After dance practice I let the class go. We were out at the park so most people just walked off. "Hey teach! Can you help me with that kick turn thing you did?" One of the girls came up and asked. "Yes, first let's see what you got, then what you need to fix" I said. The girl nodded and started a couple steps before. She stepped slightly off as she turned and missed the beat to kick straight out. I spent several minuted helping her until she got it right. "Thanks teach!  I'll see you tomorrow!" She said cheerfully and was off. It was already 5 and starting to get dark out and colder. Wrapping up I went across the street the shop and grabbed a cup of instant ramen and a warm drink. I ate and then my phone was ringing. "Hey mia!" Layla said. She started questioning about rock climbing. I was already going to head to my gym, which had a rock climbing section in it, so I figured why not get that as my free workout for the day. I told her I would meet her there in an hour. I went there early so I could warm up on the treadmills. At the moment there was not a lot of people here. A couple people doing weights and two on the treadmills.  I grabbed one of the available ones and stepped up to it. With my baggy pink shirt I tied the material into a knot at my belly button so it wouldn't get in my way. Half hour into the run I slowed it down to a walk and someone grabbed the last available treadmill next to me. I looked over just to see who it was. The guy looked young, he also looked familiar. The guy I bumped into on the bike path! "Mia where are you?" I heard Layla call out.

***** Oh I know I shouldn't have put it but damn those two sentences. I just couldn't leave it until the next chapter. what oh what is going to happen at the gym now!!!!!!

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