Playmate Ch.3

Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Warning: 18+ scene Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...

Ju Kyung's POVAll of it.Fuck!Shit how hard did I grab her?Shit. Shit!thatanythingAnyone else? Had she done this before?InotyouWas she turned on already?So fucking sexy.yourFuck! I can't wait anymore.sofuckinggood

Insanely long it took me two days to finish this chapter. I just need to edit I'm (not) sorry and it should be up soon. ~BabydollbreBoss Squad:Sunshine Squad:Taglist:

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