Remember Us. (Chapt. 5)

Hello chingus, today is another day on this fine night/day/morning... whatever time of day it isSoooo, this is back in Minhee's POV, it when her and Chanyeol are in Busan. So hope you enjoy this one.


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"Minhee!?" "Minhee get out of the house!"I got up out of bed, I hear gunshots downstairs, scared I ran to my closet. "Minhee!?" I heard someone say into my room, I peeked to see a figure, I think it's my brother. "Oppa~" I whined. "Shh, its okay, we need to leave right now." He said to me. I nodded and followed him. We were in the room for another 10 mins. "Oppa, something's burning." I said, he flung the door open as smoke came in. "Come on Minhee." He said pulling me with him. He covered my head with his arms. Then I heard it a crash, he pushed me away from him. "Minhee get out of the house!" I ran till I got the front door. I felt a heaviness in my chest as a blacked out.Unkown:Remember the plan Byun...and don't think to go back on your word.

Well... that was very interesting don't you think? What do you think? With Minhee finally knowing the truth... what about Baek's decision? We won't know... see you guy in the next chapter~ My Kpop Fam:<-----My LuhanKpop&Gamer Crew:The Readers:

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