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Que tal mis Shikon Jewels!

It's late but here is my fanfiction for Fridays.


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I'm sitting looking outside the window of our favorite café that'd in an old rustic brick building attached to a book store. I take my finger and press it against the cold glass leaving imprints of myself, counting the drops before they drown into each other to make a bigger droplet. These droplets remind myself of us. Sesshōmaru and I were individuals from different rain clouds that randomly dropped us into this cold glass world. Then one day we eventually slowly came together and drowned as one. Even though we have been a part physically for four weeks our spirits were still like these combined raindrops. I try not to transfer these raindrops to my eyes. However, my will is weak. Tears fall from my eyes in silence as flash backs hit me before out departure. The concealer under my tired eyes begin to run exposing my weeks of no sleep. I watch as the droplets fall into my American macchiato. Suddenly Sango my bestie appears. She instantly hugs me and I'm wrapped around in this soft warmth. The feeling snaps me out of this cold darkness. She hands me a tissue. I clean my face and then reapply my make up. She was silent the whole time waiting for the right time to say something. "Sango you didn't have to come out here." "No you are my bestie and you sounded like a stranger. I had to check up on you." "I should be the one checking up on you in your condition. I know Miroku is not fond of the idea of having his 6 month pregnant wife out in this kind of weather." Sango rubbed her belly. He'sfine. Besides I'm glad I did...you never cry. Why are you upset?" "Sesshōmaru and I...." I pause, just saying his name made my body ache. "I don't know what happened Sango. You know him and I has sex before...but that night we made love." I showed her the mark. "He marked me and we said how much we lobed each other. Then when I was making breakfast he told me that he never wanted to see me and walked away." Tears again began falling from my eyes of dull light topez. Sango placed her hand over mine. "Wow, I see how frustrating this could be. You have been his ride or die for years and finally he marks you. His kind don't just mark anyone and then he ditches you so coldly. You want me beat his ass?" Sango says. I push out a smile. "No girl, the huge thing is I'm pregnant too." Sango almost choked. Then she smiled while rubbing her belly and mine. "Yeah our babies will be besties!" After hanging out with Sango and making up stories about how our babies will dress alike and what us they would be in I felt better. I slowly walk into my dark apartment and see bright tabac eyes. My heart almost dropped. I turn on yhe lights and act as if he wasn't in the room. I begin taking out pots and pans to cook. Finally I felt him exhale onto my neck. "We need to talk." He says in a throaty tone. "Oh you want to talk now." I say in a taut tone. "I love you I do..." Sesshōmaru said. "How the fuck dare you come in here saying you love me? You fuck me, mark me, and say you don't want to be with me. Then you vanish for a month Sesshōmaru? You have the fucking nerve." I bark at him. He lowers his eyes and then grabs my hands. "I'm wrong you are right. I just been alone for over 100 years. I was comfortable with the fact that I would never love, until I found you. Then the impossible happened. I marked you. I regret many things and I realized that was one thing I would never regret. Then it hit me...she's too good for me. You as my mate would have to take on all my enemies and what if I'm a bad father?" "Whoa wait you know I'm pregnant?" "Hum yeah you were pregnant before I marked you. My kind knows when a woman is pregnant with our child before she does." I stood there and the tears begin falling. I softly hit his chest and then I fell into his arms. "Sesshōmaru I died a thousand times in different ways when you left. You took away my heart beat when you left. I love you and I mean that. Please don't ever do that again." "I'm sorry baby. I felt the same...lifeless...dead without. I realize you are my life." Sesshōmaru picked me up and kissed me deeply. Our lips crashed into each other. I could feel his fangs glide against my lips as he nipped them. He smelled so damn good and tasted even better. "I need to get you out that black shirt." I say while jumping down and pushing him into the living room. He laughed. "Come and get it." Time was a blur and I was on top on Sesshōmaru riding him like there was no tomorrow. The couch moved a bit across the wooden floor. I needed to be one with him again and the need of this connection was mutual. Sesshōmaru bit down in the mark on my neck. He didn't re open the wound but it was enough to break the first layer of skin. I moaned loudly. He flipped me on my back and began pounding me hard. He grunted loudly. Suddenly we heard a noise but we ignored it. We were rain drops drown into each other. "What the fuck you two I do live here too! I thought she was pregnant bro?" Inuyasha blurted out. "Get the fuck on!" Sesshōmaru yelled Inuyasha stood there. "You doing it wrong anywayz" He said under his breath. I try not to laugh but a smile did appear. "You are gonna pay for that sly smile." Sesshōmaru said as he picked me up and carried me to our room.


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