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Story time!

“Little sis this is long over due,” Mic said as she took a sip of her wine. “Mmm, it really is. When was the last time we did this anyway,” Bren asked as she took more than a sip from her own glass. Both of the girls sat thinking about when it was the last time they got a moment to themselves to enjoy some girl talk and wine. “Well no matter we are doing it now,” Mic said. The two girls continued to talk, drink and eat until they heard a sudden knock at the door. “Are you expecting someone,” Mic asked with a mouth full of snacks. Bren simply shrugged and jumped up to the door. She didn’t bother to look through the peep hole because she was too short to see out of it and opened the door.

There stood Jin and Suga with large smiles on their faces. “Oppa!” Bren yelled as she jumped into Jin’s arms. The two of them laughed as they embraced each other. Mic ran from her spot and saw Suga standing on the other side of Jin. “Hey,” Suga said simply with a small wave. Mic shoved Jin and Bren out of the way nearly knocking them over so she could hug Suga. “Missed you too,” Suga laughed as he embraced her. “Ew, get a room,” Bren joked as Jin’s squeaky laugh filled the room. “Well come in guys! We still have wine,” Bren said as she dragged Jin in behind her and Mic doing the same to Suga.

The four of them enjoyed another bottle of wine together discussing the different work the boys had been busy doing. It had been a while since the boys had been home so the girls were excited to see them. “You know,” Jin started, “V really wanted to come over and see you. He said he misses you but I told him no.” “You’ll have to see him tomorrow,” Suga said, “You know how the kid gets when you ignore him.” Bren let out a heavy sigh and scratched her head slightly. “Yeah, I know. I’ll be sure to spend some time with him tomorrow. He understood though right,” Bren asked Jin. Jin nodded with a smile and Bren thought she would turn into a melted mess in that moment. “Same goes for you Mic,” Suga said. “What, I have to see V too tomorrow,” Mic asked sarcastically.


“Okay I’ll call RM tomorrow afternoon to schedule some time with him.”

Suga was about to say something when he was interrupted by another knock at the door. “Who could that be at this hour,” Bren asked as she started to go answer the door. Jin watched as she ignored the peephole and got annoyed. “Aish! You can’t just open the door to anyone,” Jin called as he started to get up and answer the door with Bren. Bren opened the door before Jin got there and saw it was Kookie standing outside. “See it’s not just anyone, it’s Kookie,” Bren said to Jin. “Well it could have been anyone... Hey Kookie, you okay? You look upset,” Jin asked concerned.

Jungkook started to cry as he stood on Bren’s doorstep. Mic and Suga looked over at the door then at each other concerned at the sound of Kookie’s cries. Jin and Bren brought Kookie into the house and sat him on the couch near Suga and Mic. Suga handed Kookie a tissue to help wipe his already fallen tears. “What’s wrong Jungkook,” Jin asked concerned. “I thought you went to go see Sam noona. Did you not go,” Suga asked. Jin sat next to Kookie on the couch while the others sat on the floor looking up at Kookie. “No I did go see her,” he started, “But it’s a total mess over there. She gave away my spot. She said it was your fault Bren noona.” Bren pointed to herself as she raised an eyebrow, “My fault? What did I do?”

“Some Niel guy was sitting in my spot. Instead of my usual seat I have to sit in an office fold out chair.”

Mic let out a small snort at the thought but quickly cleared her throat to get rid of her laugh. “Okay, not my fault. Why would I insist that she give your spot away Kookie,” Bren asked a little annoyed. Kookie only shrugged. “I mean yes, I did introduce her to Niel-” Bren started before she was cut off by Jin, “You did what?”

“Chunji brought all the guys over earlier and she came running to my house and yeah… it just kinda happened.” Jin let out a heavy sigh. “Anyway, beside the point. Mic and I will look into the issue okay Kookie? Don’t get too upset just yet.” “Right,” Mic said, “We will see what is going on.” Kookie’s tears had stopped and he shined a small smile, “Thanks girls.” Bren nodded with an excited expression. “Now,” she started, “As much as I want to hang out with you Jin, the McBren has duties to fulfill.”

Mic and Bren headed to her bedroom and quickly returned dressed as Sherlock and Watson. “Mustaches and all huh,” Suga asked as he looked at the two girls. Mic playfully puffed on an empty pipe then said, “Indeed Suga sir.” Suga couldn’t help but laugh at Mic’s playful nature. “Now Watson,” Mic called to Bren, “We must be off.” “To solve the Case,” Bren yelled with a slight jump and an excited fist in the air.

“I thought we agreed to talk like fancy Englishmen.”

“Oh sorry... I ruined it.”

“What’s the point in the outfits if we don’t talk like fancy Englishmen?”

“‘Ello gov’na. See I can talk like it. Can we keep the outfits on?”


Mic and Bren ran out of the house and off to Sam’s. Both of the girls ran to the bushes that were near the windows of Sam’s living room and peered in. It looked as if Sam was crying but it was hard to tell. “Oh shit,” Mic started. “What, what’s up,” Bren asked as she turned to look over at Mic hiding her eyes.

“I can’t do this.... Yongguk is back... You know how I feel about him.”

“Listen Mic. You have to control your fangirl feels. This is important. We have our first case.”

Mic took in a deep breath then nodded her head. “Okay. I can do this.” Mic looked back at the window only to see Yongguk smiling and stretching in their direction. “Nope! I was wrong I can’t do this. Bren this is all you.” Mic crouched until she was no longer able to see into the window of the house.

“No Mic, you are doing this.”

Bren grabbed Mic’s hand and walked up to Sam’s door and rang the doorbell. “What are you doing? We can’t just go inside,” Mic loudly whispered in protest at the idea of going inside where Yongguk was. “Sure we can. Detective work will be much easier,” Bren said as she shined a bright smile to Mic. “You’re lucky I love you,” Mic groaned. Daehyun answered the door and chuckled as the girl’s attire. “To what honor do we owe double trouble? Here to fix the roof?” Daehyun asked as he looked at the girls with a sly smile. “Roof? Why would we be fixing your roof,” Bren asked confused. “I kinda sorta came through it one day,” Mic answered Bren. “Aaaah...” Bren started, “Well we aren’t here to do that Daehyun. I’m here to eat your food.”

“Eat my food? Don’t you have your own food?”

“Yes but it doesn’t taste as good as yours.”

“Are you saying I’m a good cook?”

“Pssh, no. Cause it’s free. That’s why it’s good.”

Bren pushed her way past Daehyun and into Sam’s house. While Mic went to sit on the couch, Bren went to the kitchen to grab a snack then sat next to Mic. “I can’t believe Jungkook just left like that,” Jongup said. “I didn’t mean to make him feel like he needed to leave. I mean I only just got here,” Niel said. “It’s about time he left anyway,” Bobby said. Mic and Bren perked their heads up at Bobby’s comment. “What did you say,” Jongup asked. “See I told you it was a good idea to come inside. Now we can hear their conversations,” Bren whispered to Mic. “Well I mean you saw what happened? Noona got really hurt because of him. It would be better if he wasn’t around,” Bobby said as he tried to defend himself. Bren suddenly started sniffing the air. “What are you doing,” Mic asked confused as she watched her. “Noodles. Be right back. Listen to them,” Bren said as she ran away to the kitchen. Everyone turned to look at the kitchen when Daehyun yelled, “Hey those are my noodles!” ‘She left to go eat at a time like this,’ Mic thought as she shook her head.

Yongguk came walking out of Sam’s bedroom and the living room was suddenly filled with an awkward atmosphere. “Well I got Sam to bed. Let’s keep it down so she can get some sleep. She’s had a rough day,” Yongguk said. Bren walked into the living room with Daehyun and said, “Hey Yongguk oppa. What’s up?” Yongguk looked over at Bren and laughed lightly, “Hey Bren. When did you get here? And why are you dressed as...”

“Watson and just because. We got here just a bit ago.”


Bren pointed over to the couch at Mic who was trying to hide her blush. Yongguk greeted her and Mic answered back shyly. “Hey Bobby,” Bren started, “Can I ask you something?” Bobby looked over at Bren but had a small amount of worry on his face. “Why are you so upset for Kookie being upset. I mean doesn’t he have a right to be a little upset at the idea of someone taking his spot,” Bren asked then took a large bite of noodles. “No, he should take it like man,” Bobby said. “Weren’t you upset when it happened to you,” Mic asked Bobby. Bobby stiffened up and looked away from Bren and to Mic. “I mean,” Mic continued, “You were pretty high up there and then someone took your spot.” “It wasn’t just anyone,” Bobby said through his teeth. “Who was it,” Niel asked intrigued by his new group of friends.

As if all of Bobby’s frustrations came out at once he let out an aggravated groan, “It was Kookie! Because of you two troublemakers, Kookie was introduced and forced onto Sam and it ruined our relationship. Me and June were happy where we were and he came in and ruined everything” Yongguk let out a heavy sigh then said, “Bobby, you know that it wasn’t Kookie who did that. It was us, Daehyun, Jongup and me. Kookie had nothing to do with it. Or the girls, they did nothing.” Mic and Bren quickly started to look away knowing they had a little bit to do with it. “What do you mean hyung… You… you shoved us out,” Bobby asked upset. “Bobby listen, it just happened that way. We’re sorry,” Yongguk spoke while he pushed his hair back.

“I was thinking it was Kookie the whole time!”

“So is that why you suddenly showed back up and kicked him to the bottom,” Mic asked suddenly causing everyone to turn to her. Bobby’s mouth fell open as if a grand secret had been discovered. “So I’m guessing that’s true,” Bren said, “You got jealous, moved him down and then the innocent bystander, Niel, is being blamed.” “No, that’s not what I intended at all. I swear. I just wanted my spot back. Me and noona have a history,” Bobby explained. “Okay, that’s enough. No more talking about this. Bobby, go get some sleep and we will deal with all of this another time. Can someone walk Mic and Bren home,” Yongguk asked as he started to push Bobby toward his room. “I’ll walk you home,” Niel said as he stood up. “Nah, we’re good, thanks though. Mic we gotta go,” Bren said as she quickly headed for the door. Mic followed behind and the two ran back to Bren’s house.

After arriving the girls explained everything that happened. A few times Bren would get distracted in her conversation getting lost in the details about the foods she was eating but Mic was sure to take control of the conversation. “So yeah, it was Bobby who started this whole mess,” Mic said finally at the end of the story. “I can understand why he is upset, but...” Kookie started. “What are you going to do Kookie,” Bren asked with wide and excited eyes.


“Don’t worry girls. I’m working on a comeback.”


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