Winner Community event: Seungyoon birthday week countdown

Hi all Vero here. So our precious leader of Winner Seungyoon has a birthday coming on Jan 21. (side note shares a birthday with my niece) Lets show him our love Innercircles by joining in on the countdown.

Tag us the mod team in your cards.

@resavalencia (mod) @MelissaGarza @Bangtanss and @VeronicaArtino (me).

So let's start tomorrow Sunday Jan 15. Let's make this a week we can enjoy.


COME JOIN US IN THE WINNER COMMUNITY!! ● • Wincircle Squad • ● @resavalencia@VeronicaArtino@MelissaGarza@Bangtanss • ● WINNER Mod Master Tag List ● • @MonAnnahiX@KarinaMiranda81@Starbell808@LtheKid8@Kimnam94@KenyaMendoza@KendraReeve@DekaraMiller@sarahdarwish@SimplyAwkward@Emealia@MarrickeJ33@ManduBum@maricela17mrn@AshleiRyals@AlenaSegura@MeghanJorgina@ElenaP16@TerraToyaSi@missjackson2635@EvilGenius@AimeeH@Starbell808@SierraBecerra@JasminMartinez • THIS LIST IS FOR MODERATOR USE ONLY • ••• If you would like to be added to the Winner Mod Master Tag List, please let us know here: •

✌Got7 Squad ✌@luna1171(mod)@AaliyahNewbell@VeronicaArtino@twistedPuppy@mbg3t@JacksonWangxme@Bangtanss ✨Okey Dokey Yo Fam✨@luna1171@AaliyahNewbell@twistedPuppy Wincircle Squad@resavalencia(mod)@VeronicaArtino@MelissaGarza@Bangtanss ❣ToToTop❣@lovetop(mod)@BBxGD@KwonOfAKind@SatinSkies@Starbell808 CodeName Loners@CrookedShadow(mod)@twistedPuppy@ESwee@Lexxcisco@LemonLassie KDramatics@VeronicaArtino (mod)@luna1171@twistedPuppy@resavalencia@SatinSkies@xoxorittie@ESwee Tough Cookie Squad@Defy24601@RebeccaLondon@EliseB@JohnEvans@Ercurrent@StefaniTre@resavalencia@Camryncherry@SatinSkies@CristinReynolds@bwolfgirl@BBXGD@VeronicaArtino
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