When Jak Met Jiyong Part 12

When Jak got home, first thing she did was rummage through the kitchen garbage. No one had taken care of the recycling so it would be easy to find a paper note. At the very bottom she found it. A business card from the restaurant, a hand written note on the back; “Heat me. Eat me. Text me when you wake. J”

Her heart did a little flip flop and she melted just a little bit more, “he’s sooo cute”. The next emotion hit her like a tidal wave, anger. How DARE her roommate eat her food and try to throw away the evidence! Beyond that, if he hadn’t come to find her, she never would have known and he’d have thought her a horrible person.

She took a photo of the card and texted it over to Tabitha.

“Thought you could hide the evidence? Stay out of my stuff and stop stealing my deliveries!”

Quick came the reply, “Or you’ll do what exactly? We all know you’re bark and no bite, bitch. Besides, how was I supposed to know it wasn’t for me?”

Jak could just picture the ugly smirk on her face as she typed her reply. She took a picture of the front of the business card where under the restaurant name was the apartment address and “Deliver to Jak”.

“My momma taught me to respect others unless they disrespect me. Watch your ass or I’ll hand it to you one day. It’s a promise, not a threat.”

She shut her phone and took the business card over to her secret stash. She didn’t trust any of her roommates as far as she could throw them and at 5’1, that wasn’t very far. She’d found a loose brick at the bottom of the wall she slept next to. Being bored one day she decided she’d see if she could do like the movies and strip the mortar and pull it out. It took a good couple of hours but it worked! She’d never been so proud. However, unlike the movies there was no space between the bricks and the outside wall. However, being Jak, she’d dropped the brick; almost on her foot and a piece broke off. Old, cheap bricks obviously. Feeling guilty she tried to figure out how to get it back on, finally just shoving it in the hole and putting the brick in front of it.

When her roommates started going through her things, it was suggested she remove the broken piece and put a small box there. It wasn’t big but it was safe and out of sight.

Half her roommates were actually home when Jiyong called that night. What would be awkward by itself became extremely awkward knowing that others were listening.

G: You answered, ha ha, progress.

J: You threatened me.

G: No, I asked politely and bribed you with food.

J: True.

G: Are your roommates home?

J: Uh huh

G: So I’m only going to get one word answers from you?

J: Possibly

G: Alright, let’s play 20 questions. I’ll ask, you can answer with your one words.

J: Not fair

G: That was two words! Cheating already.

J: Ugh!

G: Don’t roll your eyes at me. I know you are and smiling just a tiny bit, am I right?

J: (smiling) Yes.

G: Good. Did you find the card I sent you with the food?

J: Yes

G: In the garbage?

J: Yes

G: Did you threaten her?

Jak hestitated, than answered honestly. “Yes.”

She could hear his little giggle on the other side.

G: You almost didn’t answer me did you?

J: No

G: Is she there now?

J: Yes

G: Giving you the stink eye?

J: No

G: No? You threatened her, I take it she isn’t scared?

J: No

G: She doesn’t know you very well does she?

Jak smirks, “No.”

Tabitha notices Jak on the phone watching her. She saunters over and looks down at her.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you on the phone except with your mom. Is the little bitch calling home and crying to mommy that the big bad roommate ate her precious food?”

G: Jak…. Wow, she really is a bitch isn’t she.

J: Yes .... Jak answered him but kept her eye on Tabitha.

G: Can I talk to her?

J: No

“What’s with all the one worded answers? You’re such a conversationalist Jak. What a freak! You don’t socialize, you can barely speak apparently. How in the hell did someone like you get a guy to send you food and call you?” She’s sneering at her, getting closer into Jak’s space. “Unless it isn’t a guy! OMG did you train your little doggy friends to use the telephone? Because they are the only ones that can stand you. Gimme, gimme your phone.”

“Back away Tabitha….now.”

From across the room someone yells, “Leave the poor baby alone Tab, come have a drink.”

“After I figure out who this poor schlub is.”

She yanks the phone out of Jak’s hand and reads the caller ID.

“Hey guys, this guy is listed as Mr Long Term in her phone! What do you want to bet he's a total nerd with a crater face?”

T: Hello Nerd Boy. You must be totally desperate to hold a practically one sided conversation with our freak Jak here. Really, cut yourself a favor and find someone else.

J: Do I get to speak now?

T: Oh, you got some balls. Do you know who you’re talking to?

J: From your tone and the disrespect you have for Jak, I’d say Tabitha. Right?

She’s taken back a minute, then regains her composure.

“You only know my name because Jak said it. Now that you know it, I’m sure you know the face too, I’m quite a well known model here.”

J: Actually, I do know your face because I had someone look you up. You have an interesting face, not exactly pretty but different which is probably how you got into modeling. I would very much appreciate it if you left Jak and her things alone. She’s very protective of the things she loves, I’ve seen the results. Since you so foolishly weren’t scared by her promise, I would watch your back and I guess I’ll have put a lawyer on retainer for her, just in case.

Tabitha is enraged and sputtering.

“You…you… how DARE you speak to me like that! Do you think you’re someone important?"

J: Not really, but a lot of other people seem to think so. I just might be important enough to make sure you never work here again or many other places for that matter. Dare to chance it? Leave Jak alone. Now give her back her phone.

Jak had been watching Tabitha’s face turn all different shades of red and purple. She hadn’t really ever seen that before and found it fascinating. She quickly turned away and started picking at the lint on her pants when Tabitha shoved her phone back at her.

“I don’t know who the hell your new little ‘boyfriend’ thinks he is but you’d better stay away from me.”

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