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So I'm 32. I've been into kpop since 2003. I work with an 18 y/o kpop fan. For the most part it's nice & while we're different levels of fans (she can recite birthdates & heights while I.....ummm I like stuff lol), we still gush over stuff & have interesting convos. I say this because I've never really had a real live person to talk to about this. But then....

I'm positively radiant over Rain & Shinhwa & Uhm Jung Hwa having comebacks! Radiant! Over the moon! And she goes "They're all old why don't they stop & let the younger groups shine."

I'm not amused. I go off on some rant about how keeping up with kpop before Youtube & Google was a struggle (& I lived in Japan at the beginning),She's attacking my early adulthood, why can't other acts step back in the spotlight for a bit? How will she feel in 10 years when the current acts try to do the same thing?!?!

So here's the thing: after my rant she looks me dead in the eye & asks why I'm so upset. I usually try to be all calm & rational , earth mothery & uphold my Buddhist teachings. So why is this so distressing? Well, in my own opinion I've come to the point where every new group isn't as exciting for me so I think I've hit my threshold. I honestly want every group to make it big & have their dreams fulfilled. Always been like that, even if they're not my cup of tea. So to me, having this fresh faced person not even try for a moment to enjoy OLDER performers just struck me as wrong. It makes me think all the newer fans see this medium as disposable (oh that came out 2 years ago. It's such a THROWBACK, etc). Like, I'm excited about the hallyu wave being taken seriously but I feel like a huge chunk of the fandom has on blinders. I don't want or need you to be as excited as me. It would just be nice if you acknowledged those that came before & helped shape the industry. I didn't know Shinhwa was the groups name for months. I couldn't say Uhm Jung Hwa. I had to go to obscure foreign websites just for a hint of what was going on. I literally spent an entire weekend in a Tower Records in Japan meticulously searching for BoA (didn't know she did kpop til after moving there & accidentally buying a Korean album of hers) & TVXQ/Tohoshinki CD's in Japanese & Korean. And from there I went BACKWARDS to see what else the genre had to offer. I want older fans & younger fans to get along so much but on both sides there's just.....ugh. Everyone. Open your hearts. Danggit.

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