I Think I Take Back What I Said?


Hello everyone!!

Okay, so last Monday I posted my first question card and it was about whether or not it was weird for male idols to sing to girl group songs. One of the things I emphasized was that they never sang to a full girl group song.

If you want to know what I'm talking about, check out this card:

Is It Weird For Guys To Sing Girl Group Songs?

I didn't get the chance to read through the comments yet, but from what I saw when I skimmed through is that you guys haven't seen any guy idol sing to a full girl group song either.

But get this!!!!

Literally, not too long after, like about a couple days later. I was on YouTube and what did I see?

A group called A.C.E covered Stay by BlackPink!!!!

Like, are you kidding me!?! I literally just made a rant about this and not too long later I find out that there have been male groups that have covered complete songs by girl groups!!

I'm just flabbergasted cX

Afterwards, I found another cover by them of BlackPink's "Playing With Fire."

I also remembered finding a video of Daesung (Big Bang) and Seungyoon (Winner) doing a cover of 2NE1's song "Ugly" back when I was finding videos for Seungyoon (back when there was that bias war going on for Winner). Sooo I guess you could say my rant was irrelevant from the beginning...?

Annnnnd then I found a cover of Boys24 doing a cover of BlackPink's "Stay".....

*I linked the videos just in case you guys wanted to watch them*


So umm..... I take back what I said....?

Haha, so I guess guys have done covers for these girl groups. I still can say that I haven't found a male idol sing and dance to an entire girl group song, so ha! But the real question still remains...

What do you guys think?

I personally think they sound great!! But BlackPink is more known for their badass sounding songs, rather than being known as a cute or completely sexy group. So I can see why guys would be alright covering these songs. Same with 2NE1. They're more of a badass girl group.

So I guess I can still ask whether or not it would be weird if guy groups' covered songs from more cuter groups like, Apink or Red Velvet. Or if they even covered sexier groups like Sistar or Stellar.

And even though "Stay" and "Playing With Fire" were covered, I was kind of more looking forward to "Boombayah" or even "Whistle" being covered instead, but the covers still sound great!! The songs don't lose their meanings whatsoever and the guys aren't look at as more feminine, but just as their normal selves. Even Ugly was performed perfectly!! It totally shows that not only girls, but guys can also feel insecure about themselves.

Oh! And I also found a video of a boy group performing a girl group dance!! One of my friends on one of our group chats sends us covers from a group called Top Secret and I spotted a cover by them of Twice's "Ooh-Ahh" (Not the full song, but most of it cX) And they looked like they were having fun...? Hopefully xD

Anyway, I'll personally be keeping an eye out for more of these guy groups singing girl group songs cause I really don't see how singing these songs will really hurt an idol's image.

But that's my personal opinion.

I'll be posting another question card tomorrow...probably cx

So I'll see you all later~

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