When Jak Met Jiyong Part 13

Phone conversations came each night for the next couple of weeks. It didn't matter where in the world he was or if she had to wait up for his call. Calls were becoming anticipated each night.

G: Are we past awkward yet?

Jak smiles, “We’re getting there”.

G: Aish. This is why I didn’t want to date a fan. Can’t you see me yet? Not the idol?

J: I’ve always seen you, I just can’t accept that you see me and still keep coming back.

G: You have no idea how easy that is.

J: You're right I don't.

G: Let's see, you're quirky and fun. Never boring, gorgeous, and awkward.

J: You like that I'm awkward?!? Boy, there is something wrong with you.

G: I'm not a boy.

J: Mm, we aren't getting into that right now.

Jiyong laughs, "It'll sneak out one day, I know it will. I'm just waiting for you to hit me back."

J: Maybe. Someday.

G: Okay, your turn, what exactly do you see when you look at me?

J: The obvious: major talent, quirkiness, sexy as hell, funny, and caring.

G: That’s the idol. Do you see me? The not so obvious?

J: Well, you’re still sexy as hell without your make-up on and funny and caring – those aren’t just idol things. But you’re lonely and hurting most times. Being talented doesn’t make growing up in the industry easy or joyful. You have some really good friends, that are loyal and that’s good but you’re still searching for something, trying to fill a hole.

He's suddenly speechless. "Wow. Exactly how have you gotten all that in just a few weeks of phone calls?"

J: These last few weeks have only confirmed it, I already knew. Sorry, I normally don’t share what I pick up from people.

G: You picked that up before we even met? How long have you been able to do that? That's quite a gift.

J: It doesn’t feel like a gift, it’s always more of a curse. I don’t always know how to help. I just feel what others feel. It's part of what makes me awkward.

G: It isn’t awkward, it’s amazing. Stop putting yourself down, I don’t like it and I won’t have it. Are you listening? I think others do value you but I think you scare them.

J: Gee thanks, that’s making me feel a whole lot better.

G: Let me finish. You care and they can’t care back the same. Maybe they don’t feel worthy of you. I don’t feel worthy of you.

He could hear her harsh laughter on the other end.

G: Jak. Remember, you’re talking to the man, not the idol. I don't feel worthy person to person, I feel like you're a better person than I am.

J: I am not a nice person.

G: You may not always be nice but I'd bet those people deserve it. That doesn't make you a bad person. You make me want to be a better person. All I ever want to be around you is the man; a better man, can you let me try to be that?

Jak can't speak for minute, she isn't used to having feelings. When she gets them under control she whispers, "Yeah."

G: I get back in town tomorrow, can I take you out? There are a few people I want you to meet.

J: Sure.

The next day he sent a text a few minutes after arriving home.

G: Still available tonight? Ready for me to get you in a few hours?

J: Not here, roommates will be home.

G: You ashamed of me?

She could hear the teasing in his voice. So she gave it right back.

J: You know it.

G: Afraid I’ll hurt a roommate?

J: No, afraid I’LL hurt her when she gets a look at you.

His laugh was full and happy.

G: I can see that, I might pay to see that but not today. Want to meet at the dog café? 2 hours?”

J: I’ll be there.

In 2 hrs later she was loving on her favorite dog, waiting for Jiyong to show. His car pulled up outside and she got a text that he had arrived.

She put her hair up in a beanie so it was completely hidden and walked out to his car. After she fastened her seat belt she turned to stare him down.

“My mother would be seriously upset with both of us. I was taught to never go out when a man honked or texted.”

JIyong smiles, picks up her hand and kisses the back of it.

“I apologize to you and your mother. I’m more than happy to let people see you with me, but I'll leave that choice to you. Ready?”

“Yep, where we headed?”

He smiles over at her, “You’ll see”.

Half an hour later they pull up in front of a building. He gets out, comes around and takes her hand to help her out of the car. He doesn’t let go but looks over questioningly. Not looking at him, she tightens her grip, and starts up the sidewalk.

As soon as he opens the door, the sound of nails clicking on the floor greet her. Within seconds two giant, wrinkled furry babies come bounding into the room and knock him over. She kneels down and starts to stroke the nearest head.

“Jak,” Jiyong gets out while laughing, “I’d like you to meet Gaho and Jolie.”

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