Hi Diary, It's Me ~Entry Fourteen~


Here is the next entry for you all! It definitely isn't as intense as the last one LOL


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WARNING: Mild language, but not too bad! Wanted to give a heads up~

Dear Diary,

It has been two days.

My hair is fixed and I don't look too bad. I still miss my long hair but what is done is done.

But enough about my pride... you just want to know if I have found out anything don't you?

I can practically feel you sitting on the edge of your seat Diary. However, I am sorry to say that I have found nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

My friend even tried talking to her ex/my crush about it and he wouldn't even say anything about it. Of course he didn't tell him why he was asking but come on, not even telling your fellow band mate? It must have been something insane...

Maybe she tortured him or wanted him to partake in some freaky satanic ritual with her. Who knows at this point. All I know now is that she is crazy. A legit insane person. And she just gets worse.

After that night, she didn't let up one bit on trying to go after my friend. She would interrupt every conversation I would have with him and drag him away from me.

Obviously I am upset, but no way am I gonna let her see it. It will just make her feel like she has won. When the game is so far from over.

The one upside about this is that he is so far from falling for her that she could be the last woman on earth and he still wouldn't date her.

It's kind of comical actually, seeing her chase after him and him being disgusted. It just proves that no matter how pretty you are, it won't hide your crazy forever.

But, there is something good that happened Diary. The one great thing that has happened this week. My crush talked to me.

I know, I know. I shouldn't get my hopes up even if he is single now but he actually talked to me first. ME.

We weren't able to talk for very long but it was enough for me to know that I still like him. Hopefully I can get the chance to talk to him more as that would be the best thing I could ask for.

Well, I mean us dating would be even better but no way am I setting the bar that high right now.

I will just let whatever happens, happen.

So just hang tight with me Diary, as I have a feeling that things are about to get even crazier from now on.

Oh...and I think it is finally getting closer to the time to tell you who these two men are.

I will give you a hint for one of them...tomorrow.

Mwahaha. See what I did there? Fooled you right?





Ahh the first hint! I hope you all are excited! XD

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