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안녕하세요 친구!!

Hello my lovely iKonics and soon to be iKonics. Mod supporter here 이솔다. So it's Tuesday.....yay which means my bae's day...yayyyyyyy Anyways there's this new weird app showing up everywhere and I mean SNS wise (twitter, faceyspace, IG, tumblr....etc)

That's the app I'm talking's called Zeerow.

So why is it weird and what does it have to do with my Donghyukie?? Well..... -only IOS availability (all my sources for this are via SNS sites) -AND they have released "unseen" ikon pics (which include my beloved Donghyuk) Sooo before I spam yall with "unseen & undiscovered" pictures... Has anyone heard of this? Any iPhone users have this? I sadly have an android so it's noncompatible ㅠㅠ If so, let me know...anywho onto the amazing and beautiful "unseen" Donghyuk photos.


Love me young oppa!!!

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