The Day Walker

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Chapter 10

A couple of days had passed and Nara continue doing her job. However, the friendship she had with Jackson had shattered. Jackson tried to go back to his old self but it was evident that there was something wrong. The guys had noticed. Even JYP had noticed. He just wasn't his usual, happy, self. "Noona, can I talk to you for a moment?" Mark asked catching her alone. "Sure, Mark, what is it?" Nara asked, as if she didn't know what was going on. "Well, it's about Jackson." Mark said biting his lower lip. "There's something going on with him but every time any of us ask him what's wrong, he says that there's nothing wrong and immediately changes the subject. We're worried about him, Noona, and we're wondering if you knew anything?" "I'm sorry. I really couldn't tell you what's wrong with him but if he says that everything is fine then trust him." Nara lied and by the look in Mark's face she could tell that he didn't totally believe her. "Okay, Noona. If you say there's nothing wrong with him, I'll believe you. Just know that if someone hurts Jackson we're not gonna take it lightly." Mark told Nara before walking away. Nara noticed the warning tone on Mark's voice. It seemed the guys suspected that whatever was going on with Jackson had somehow something to do with her. They were perceptive that way. For now, letting them think that Jackson was suffering from a broken heart was possible the best solution. She wasn't sure how would they react if they knew the truth. Next week was the appointed meeting time with the elders. This part Nara had left out of the conversation she had had with Jackson. She was sure that letting him know about that would've made a bigger mess of things. She had already asked for two weeks vacation time. JYP immediately approved, surprised by the sudden vacation request, since she had never used her vacations before. She was to take the red eye flight to Hong Kong that night. She hadn't told the guys yet. But now she was sure they would probably think it was because of Jackson, which they wouldn't be wrong. Nara watched from afar the guys practicing. Jackson was more concentrated than usual. Avoiding all eye contact with her and ignoring her completely. Nara understood, but she couldn't help but to feel hurt. "All right, guys! It seems we have everything pretty much down." JB said clapping. "I think we can stop for today." The guys couldn't help but cheer while taking a seat down in the floor trying to rest and chill themselves. Nara went ahead and started dismantling her equipment. Putting her bag on her shoulder she took a deep breath and walked towards the guys. "Guys?" She asked barely audible. "Yes, Noona?" Asked Yugyoem while the rest, except Jackson, turned to look at her. "I have something to tell you." This brought everyone's attention to her. Even Jackson stopped drinking his water but did not turn to look at her. "I'm gonna be on vacation for the next two weeks." "Wow, that's a first." Said Bambam surprised. "I thought you never got tired." He said elbowing Jackson, who completely ignored him. They all looked at Jackson but noticed he wasn't all over Nara as usual. In fact, he was completely giving her the cold shoulder. Seeing no reaction from him, they got up to hug her goodbye. "We're gonna miss you, Noona. Right, Jackson?" said Jin Young turning to find Jackson walking out of the practice room. "Come back soon, Noona" Mark said before going after Jackson. Nara didn't want to leave before trying to mend her relationship with Jackson but she had no other choice. She had to know what the elders had planned to do. She was sitting in the airplane when she heard the commotion at the entrance of the plane. It seemed some celebrity was traveling on this flight and was causing a ruckus, as always. She was used to this so she didn't care much to see who it was. "He's always so nice. Such a polite person." Said a female passenger who was gushing with her friend because apparently they had gotten pictures with him. Nara smiled and couldn't help to look towards the entrance to see who it was. She froze in place when she locked eyes with the celebrity standing at the entrance. He was wearing a face mask but she immediately recognized the gaze staring back at her.

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