Yuri On Ice dj # 4 : This Is Your Love ❄🎖⛸🎖⛸🎖⛸❄

Hey guys, so here is another Yuri On Ice dj that cane out yesterday! It's set after ep. 4 & I love it XD Here is the direct link https://myreadingmanga.info/km2s-kana-yuri-ice-dj-koerga-kimi-no-ai-eng/ Enjoy! Yuri On Ice Cards: @JadeOwens@Beanerific321 @ScarletKitty @SimoneSanders@Matty1997@rarleen40@TracyLynnn@Riethu@JessSenpai@windfox@AnbuRose@SugaMint@FirePrincess11@Isteffler@rachael1@mistymaity@ESwee@gxilty@LostMage If your name is not only the list, just comment below & I 'll add you! Comment: Main Collection, Yuri On Ice , or Inuyasha if those are the cards you want to specifically be tagged in. Comment "All" to be tagged in all my cards!! Thanks guys!

Hey guys!!! I love all types of anime and manga. and I have been drawing since 6th grade!!ヽ(´▽`)/ Feel free to follow me!!
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