yes oppa i am all yours :) <3 love uuuu

haaaa this song is just really special it makes me think my oppa needs a girl sooo bad that girl would be soooo damn lucky the one who bcms oppa one and only oppa will definitely cherish her my mom once told me singers are the most sensitive ppl in the world they can't express thr feeeling so they express it through thr feelings thr song always tell a story listen carefull hun they r soooo deep and she was just soooo right. Opppa is expressing his true feelings from this lovely song. This song it just makes me sad 2 a bit it just seems like my oppa is lonely :-( and really missing someone special oppa i love uuuu and i really do wish u find dat special someone soon u need it oppa i will pray for uuuu i always think of u 2 have lovely life partner oppa please be happy inshaallah u will definitely that sweet, lovely caring love one soon and mee 2 i wish i find some one like uuu willl i ssaranghhaeo oppa i pray for u 2 always be happy :) <3

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