When Jak Met Jiyong Part 15


WARNING: Slight Language

G: Question.

J: Shoot.

G: Have I stopped being creeper enough to know your given name?

J: I thought you said you knew everything about me. Did you lie?

G: No. I have my sources but I was rather hoping you would have told me by now.

J: Everyone here just calls me Jak, it really didn’t occur to me. That’s really dumb isn’t it? Forget my own name. I didn’t mean anything by it, besides you don’t have one of the letters in your alphabet.

G: Well, I can say it, since I speak English. I think it’s rather pretty actually and it suits you.

J: I’m named after a freaking tree. You at least get to be named after something cool.

G: Ha ha, alright… how about I just call you the Great and Powerful?

Jak moans. J: Ugh must you?

G: Fine but I happen to think that you are both of those things in my world, but I’ll stick with Tiny Hot Mess if you insist.

J: Tiny Hot WHAT?!?

He giggles, enjoying it when they banter.

G: I showed your picture to the guys, the one you sent me when you were on a caffeine high?

J: Oh shit, the guys? Like the Big Bang guys? I so hate you right now.

G: Ha ha.. No. They laughed and were impressed that 1. You would send me a photo like that, which is still my lock screen btw (he hears another groan) and 2. That you look so incredibly hot during our photo shoot. They dubbed you the hot mess. I liked it and kept it, that’s your caller ID.

J: Lovely. So when does your campaign come out?

G: Tomorrow, that’s the other reason I called. You ready for your roommates response?

J: I don’t give a flying fart what they think.

G: They won’t think, they’ll be jealous.

J: Because of being with you? Yeah, terribly, what female in South Korea won't be? I'm sure they’ll sling some words, I’ll ignore them, maybe flip them off; same old same old.

You can hear the smile in his voice.

G: One of the reasons I like you. Would you join me to celebrate its release tomorrow night? You really should, you’re a big part of the ad campaign.

J: Celebrate how? Like dress up? I’m not good at that. I simply wear what people hand me for a shoot, I don’t own any of that stuff.

G: I’m happy to take care of that for you. I’m slightly afraid to have it delivered to your apartment though. Do you mind terribly going and picking it up? It'll be waiting for you.

J: No problem, just text me an address and please don’t make me look like a stuffed mushroom, I hate poofy things.

He laughs full on. G: Got it, no mushrooms.

Jak avoids the apartment as much as possible the next day. She stays out and about with her normal beanie tucked hair and sunglasses. There is a giant billboard of one of the dressy, sexy poses. The magazine stands have a poster of them in the chair, stating which magazines and page numbers. Over in the district where he told her to pick up the dress, a few different poses hang from lampposts down one of the streets. Well, if no one knew her face before, they certainly will now.

She arrives back at the apartment with only 15 minutes to spare before he is to pick her up. She tried to get him to let her meet him out front but he refused.

“Your face is now plastered all over South Korea and the internet with mine. Makes no difference if we are seen together now and as my official date, you will be treated as such. Besides, I intend to enjoy this tonight, so let me have my fun.”

Knowing she didn’t really have a choice she agreed. From the hallway she can already hear the yelling…

“Did you see those posters of her everywhere?!?! She’s going to be impossible to live with!”

"She's not bad to live with now. If you guys would leave her alone, its like she's isn't even here, even when she is."

“Yeah, let's be nice, maybe she can get us a gig like that.”

“I will not grovel to that backwards little bitch, how in the hell did she manage this?" She has one of the magazine's in her hand. "My agent’s been trying to just get me IN a magazine, not in just one of those tiny back ads.”

Taking a breath she let herself into the apartment, closed the door and went straight to the bathroom to change. She’d taken a cab home since she’d splurged and had her hair and make-up done. No more beanie or blending in after that.

Moments after shutting and locking the door, the pounding and bitching starts from the other side. She puts her ear buds in, turns it up and ignores them.

She hadn’t seen the dress Jiyong picked yet; she just prayed it fit and she didn’t look bizarre. She unzipped the garment bag and stood gazing in wonder. A simple black dress overlaid with black lace. It had cap sleeves, a square neck, and came to about mid-thigh due to her long legs. She twirled in front of the mirror, it moved! A big smile appears and she twirls back and forth for another few moments before putting on the jewelry that came with it.

Jiyong's warning that he was on his way up, allowed her another minute so that she could stay in the bathroom until he arrived.

When the knock came to the door, she opened the bathroom door at the same time. Her roommates looked at her in amazement, then the door.

"Where do you think you're going? Wow, did your nerd boy buy you that? He must have been so embarrassed hanging around the bedraggled you and decided to play dress up,” Tabitha sneered. “Oh wait, is this him at the door? I can’t wait to see what this ballsy nerd that thinks he’s all that, really looks like.”

She walks over to the door mumbling, “Tell me I’m a nobody and not pretty. We’ll just see about that you sniveling little…”

Tabitha opens the door to G Dragon in typical GD mode. Dressed to the nines in a beautiful grey plaid suit, his hair slicked back, and to top it all off ... Jak covers her mouth trying hard not to smear her lipstick or laugh... nerd glasses.

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