Vampire Detective Review

So I finally finished this drama, it took me soooooooooo freaking long for me to finish the 12 episodes because of my busy/crazy schedule. But let me just speak my thoughts on the drama.

Genre: Fantasy/MysteryBroadcast Network: OCNDirector: Kim Ga Ram Screenwriter: Yoo Young Sun

Actors and Actresses and their Characters:

Lee Joon - Yoon San Oh Jung Se - Yong Goo Hyung Lee Se Young - Han Gyeo Wool Lee Chung-ah - Yo Na Jo Bok Rae - Kang Tae Woo Kim Yoon Hye - Jung Yoo Jin


Sources Credited: DramaWiki

This was really the first non-romance drama I've watched even though there was romance between Yoon San and Jung Yoo Jin, it was claimed more as a mystery/fantasy story. The acting was pretty good and I loved the plot, and even more so, I loved the fighting scenes. Lee Joon as the lead was a smart move for this drama and I think he played his character well.

My Rating:

I give this drama, in my opinion, an 8 out of 10! It was a great concept, but it didn't give me a lot of those excitement feelings I would get from the other dramas I have seen. But if you haven't watched this drama yet, I do recommend it if you like fantasy and mystery.


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