How could you do that to him?

= Today's expressions for Fri-Jan 20th = 1. How could you do that to him? 어떻게 그에게 그럴 수 있어? 2. See who's hangin' out. 누가 어울려 다니는지 보아요. 3. He is a student during the day and a driver at night. 그는 낮에는 학생이고 밤에는 운전기사야. = My story with today's expressions = A: Hey, man. Where are you going now? B: Shh, be quiet, please. I'm following my brother so I'm gonna get him and see who he's hangin' out with nowadays. I don't know why he's been going out the during night. A: Oh, man. Come on. You know, he is a student during the day and a driver at night because he really wants to help your parents for the cost of living. B: Oh, dear. Hey, how could you do that to me, you should've told me as soon as you found out what he was doing. A: I'm sorry but I was afraid that you and your parents would worry about it. I just thought that he's very good at living philosophy, isn't he? B: Okay, I see and totally, agree with you. Anyway, thank you for your cheers for my brother.

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