Business Pleasure: Letting Standards


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When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? Put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall apart...


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~(Y/N Pov)~

I was returning to AOMG after going to CJ E&M seeing my boss. It turn out someone in CJ E&M was secretly taking funds from AOMG and thankfully was caught. I had text Jay to see where he was, and he told that he would be waiting for me in my office. Which did make things easier.

He was on his phone, with his feet on top of my best, and leaning back in my seat waiting for me. I glared at him as I enter my office, and push his shoes off the desk. "Yah, if you want me to show you respect, you best return it. Putting your feet on someone's desk in country is an insult." He looked up at me a but startled by my actions.

"Ah My bad..."

He turn his phone's screen off, and pocket his phone. "So what's up..." I handed over an envelope that I brought back with me. "You were right, you were being blind sided and robbed." He got up and went to pull down my office curtains, so no one can see in or outside the room. He then went to close the door. "Sorry but I kind of want to keep this on the low. I am the only one that noticed, since I always double check the finances."

He took the envelope from me, and open it. Jay lean on my desk as he read the report. I slowly guided him back to my desk seat, as he read the report. He looked up at me, after sitting down, and gave me his winning smile. I just press my lips together, and looked away. Seriously didn't like the power my body was trying to give to Jay. I looked back at him as he sighed heavily, and relaxed into the seat.

"So glad you found this... but for now lets tell the guys that CJ E&M was actually talking money for charity events. Well unless someone leaks this shit out." He open one of my desk draws and place the report inside of it. "Even Simon-ssi. He is your Co-CEO. He has the right to know about this."

Jay raised an eyebrow, as he rest his head in his hand, while he rest his eblow on the desk. "True, but I don't want anyone to get stress over this, especially since its finally been delt with. We have you now, which actually puts me at ease now. Finally someone is going to be able to help me with this shit, which makes it less stressful. Plus you're a fucking genius Y/N." I looked at him a bit surprise and flatter at the same time. I wasn't sure if he actually knew my background, or if he was praising me.

"To be honest with you, I actually personally requested for you, when I saw your background history, they sent over. You were one of three people that were suggest to be moved over here. They even show me how far ahead you were with paperwork, to the point where you could have weekends off, yet you even took a day off. You even worked Sunday. You're boss was concern that you would forget that you're still twenty-four, and should be living it up. Not working so damn hard."

Jay looked me over as he licked his lips. I was speechless though, because I didn't know all of that had happen, let along that this was their way of saying I worked too hard. "I bet your boss had but a restriction on you, so you didn't noticed any of this at all." I went to talk, but I couldn't find the words, and just rubbed the back of my neck.

"What was the restrictions? You can't date any of us? You must call us all ahjeossi? You can't hang with us outside the workplace?" I couldn't hold back my smile as I listen to him list off common restrictions. "Only that dating wasn't allow. The other stuff is okay to do."

Jay bit his lower lip, before taking my hand in his own. "Ah the whole don't mix business with pleasure." He had me slowly move closer to him, enough that he could hold my waist. I rest a heat rushing up to my face, as I gently grabbed his arms. "Yes, and I naturally already refusing to do that. So please respect that as well, or I'll start calling you Mr. Park again, and make you feel old."

He just laughed softly, as he stood up, but didn't let go of me. "Alright, I'll grant that, but you have to relax a bit more, don't work too hard, and come hang with us. Allow us to get to know you. If you keep hiding from us all, I'll have break that request." Jay kissed the top of my head before letting me go, and heading out of my office. He left my door open and me there standing speechless.

"Lord, give me strength." I pray, before sighing heavily, and taking my seat. I went straight to work on managing the budget for the next six months, when Loco decided to pay me a visit. He didn't say a word, but open the curtains again. I looked up from the computer to watch him.

When the curtains were up, The whole crew was standing on the other side of the wall, with Ju Kyung holding a cake saying welcome. I couldn't help but smile, but felt a bit guilty that I was never going to touch that cake. "Take a break and join us, so we can welcome you properly to our team, Y/N." I nodded and saved my work before getting up. Loco had offer his hand to me, which I gladly took hold of.

He led me to the lounge, as everyone greeted me with warm and loving smile. "Yah, don't hold her hand! If I can't you can't." Ju Kyung scolded Loco as Loco blushed and let go of my hand. "Oh, I'm sorry, was too excited you agree." I giggled softly before putting frosting on both Loco and Ju Kyung's noses. Loco scrunch up his nose as Ju Kyung try to lick the tip of his nose.

I couldn't help but laugh and smiled at how cute they both were being. Jay got me though with frosting and put it on my cheek. "Its only fair, since you're one of us now." I glared at him, but a smirk appear along my lips when he smirked at me first. "Oh, so that how this is gonna be?" I walked over Ju Kyung and took the cake. "Thank you Ju Kyung oppa." He just looked down at me with a big smile.

I then turn to jay and shoved his face in the cake. "OH!" They all shouted as I laughed. Jay slowly removed the cake from his face, as I wiped away from frosting and licked it off my fingers. "I'm so not sorry... you did tell me, you wanted to see the real me. This me at 100." I winked at him, getting a smile from him. "Oh ...that it..."

My smirk faded as Jay move closer to me. I back away, realizing what he was up to. "No!" I ran away from Jay, and he chased me around the room, everyone laughing, as I ran behind DJ Wegun, having the two of them crash into each other after Jay trip over a chair. I had caught Wegun so they both didn't fall, but my hand still went to my mouth afterwards.

"Oh my Jay, are you okay?" I went to check on him, seeing he manage to get cake now on Wegun. The two of them look at each other, then took some of the cake and squished it against my face. Everyone was laughing, we all finally started to bond together.

After cleaning up, we all went out to get something to eat, and allow them to get to know me better.



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