Business Please: Drive Secret Date


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When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? Put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall apart...


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~(Y/N Pov)~

I had actually taken a day off since my college days. I felt like exploring Seoul for a bit. See things I haven't seen yet, or try foods. I didn't know what, but I was gonna take my time doing so. I even took the stairs from the fifth floor down to the lobby. I walked out he building and took a deep breath of fresh air.


I blinked, and looked forward to see the person that called my name. I knew the voice look familiar I was still stun to see it was really Jay. He smiled at me and beck me to come closer. I walked over to the car, and block the window with my body so no on can see inside.

"Heard you were taking today off... I am too... want to go for a drive with me?"

I just blinked at him, as he unlock the door of the car. "Come on, I promise I don't bite." I took a deep breath, but still had an unsettling feeling as I actually got into the passenger seat. He lean over towards me, and with his lips being inches away from mine, he put my seat belt on. "I-I can do this myself."

Jay chuckled as he looked back up to me, still being inches away from me. "I know, but you're my guess. Let me show you some chivalry." He winked at me, before sitting back in his seat and putting on his seat belt. I glance at him, as he pulled out of his parking spot, and enter traffic. "Um...Jay is it really okay for you to take today off? Don't you have a concert coming up?"

He looked over at me, from the corner of his eye. "Nah, I'm good... One day off won't hurt... plus no point in stressing something I already got nail down." Jay answered me, as I just looked out the window. "Is there something you wanted to do today?" I turn to look at Jay, as he focus on the road. "Oh. I was just planning to explore Seoul a bit more. I have only been living here for a good year. Still haven't seen a lot of Seoul, since I apparently am a workaholic."

Jay smiled at my answer, and licked his lips before looking my way. "Is there something you wish to do most today?" I looked down to think for a moment. "Well, I can't do that just yet, I have to wait for night fall for it." We came to a red light, and he lean his elbow on the center arm rest, before turning to look at me. He raised an eyebrow, as Jay's eyes gave away that I had his full attention.

"And what would that be?" I looked away from him, feeling a bit shy, and intimidated. "The Han River Bridge. I wanted to see the color show. I know its something couples normally do, but with my luck and work habit. Its best I just go alone." A car horn went off behind us, as Jay seem to be distracted by something. I turn to face him, when he started driving again.

"Well then, are you hungry? We can do the bridge thing when night falls." I just stared at him blinking. Jay just said he would go Han River Bridge, with me. "Um... w-well I haven't had Korean BBQ." Jay just smiled as he turn on his blinker. "Okay, I got you on that one." He glance over at me, before turning down the road towards the Korean BBQ restaurant that was least popular, and had private rooms.

I looked around and noticed we were in a different distract than AOMG and my own apartment. "Jay, is it okay to be seen in public with me?" Jay parked the car outside the restaurant. "Yeah, we're in a very unpopular area, so it's good." He got out of the car first, before I unbuckle my seat belt. When I went to get out of the car, Jay had already open my door for me.

Jay offer me his hand, giving me that unsettling feeling again. "Thanks." I took his hand, and got out of the car. He slyly interlock my fingers together with his, as he led the way to the restaurant. I try to pull my hand free, but he pulled me closer to his side, and looked down at me.

"Don't pull away, I don't want to lose you."

I looked around, and saw there weren't many people around. The restaurant was right in front of us too. How on earth was he going to lose me. I looked back up at him, and saw he was smiling, while we enter the building. Jay got us a private room to eat, but had me sit next to him. The unsettling feeling clicked finally as I realized by it was leaving me on edge.


I stood up as I spoke, he then got up and cover my mouth with his hand. "Yah, don't yell, people can hear you if you do." I glared at him, as if my eyes can shoot daggers. I licked his lips, getting him to smirk at me. "You sure you want to play that game, Y/N." I simply pushed Jay away from me.

"Jay I told you I don't want to date anyone from AOMG. Plus, you're putting me at risk of losing my job." I turn to leave the room, but he grabbed my forearm, to only pull me into his arms.

"Seriously? You can't just pretend with me for one day? I don't normally get to go out on an actual normal date with someone. Please just pretend with me today."

I just started at him as he his arm snake around my waist. Jay then rest his forehead on top of my own. "I'm pleading here, Y/N. I am hella lonely lately. Please... Keep me company. Humor me." My hands rested on his chest to push him away from me a bit. "I'll humor you, but I will only go as far as holding your hand."

Jay sighed heavily, before rubbing his nose against mine. "Fine I can handle that." He then pulled away, and pulled out my seat. I took my seat, as he sat down across from me. He then took my hand in his as we waited for our food. "Jay, are you really sure you are okay with just this?"

He nodded his head, as he gave me a soft smile. "Yeah, having you here keeping me company is perfect enough. Especially since we can speak both English and Korean together." I looked down at his hand holding mine, whilst his thumb rubbed the back of my hand. I couldn't bring myself to look him in the eye. It wasn't long til we got our food, and Jay grilled the meat for us.

He would give me more of the meat, since I was the one that said I wanted to try it. "Is it good?" I looked up at him, as I had a piece of meat hanging from my mouth. Jay just chuckled before he came over to sit next to me, but before I could finish my piece of Korean BBQ. He can in close to me, and took the other end into his mouth. I fought him for it, but he just ended up kissing me to win.

I just started at him in shock, as he smiled warmly at me. He then lean in close to lick the sauce off my bottom lips. "Taste better this way." I held my hand up to hit him, but I couldn't bring myself to do so. He just took hold of my hand, before leaving close. "Yes I know, you only wanted to hold hands, but you looked so cute I couldn't resist."

I felt my heart starting to race as he made eye contact with me. "Y/N, you have no idea what you are doing to me. I have never wanted to hold someone in my arms so much. I feel like you and me won't be able to separate business from pleasure."

Jay pulled my hand to his lips, without breaking eye contact with you. "I can respect that you don't want to date, you love you're job. But I can't not promise I will stop wanting to make you mine. I can control myself and behave, but only for so long. When... and I really do mean when, I make another pass at you after today. Just remind me, that you don't wish to date me. You even have permission to slap me if I cross a line."

He had me touch his cheek with my uncurling hand. Jay look at me with puppy dog eyes, making it harder to resist him. I honestly couldn't say I wouldn't want to date him.

But I loved my job... Dating Jay was out of the question....




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