Bunny (A Funny Bunny Sunny Day Flash Fic) *Season 2*

Flash 8~

I don't like to lie. I'm an honest person and I'll be quite blunt but I really don't like to lie. Why should I? There's no benefit out of it other than having to remember something in case you're asked to repeat the lie again. I don't lie, simply put- but when I have to, oh you bet your booty I know how to lie.

"Hello, welcome to YG Entertainment. Do you have an appointment?" The woman behind the front desk smiled politely at me. She knew exactly who I was, we've met on plenty occasions, but I can't exactly tell her why I'm here now can I?

"No, I've actually lost my phone so I had no way of calling ahead to check, but I'm looking for Kim Jiwon and the rest of the iKON boys. Are they in the building? I'm picking up something from them for a giveaway."

She stared at me. I couldn't tell if she was staring at me with the same judgmental eyes I usually got from her whenever I came in through the doors when I came to work, or if she could see through my white lie. Either way, she probably needed a photo of me. Sorry not sorry, my face isn't anything special, there's no need to stare. Even if I'm a foreigner.

"Ah yes," she finally spoke. "They're on most likely in 3rd floor recording studio-"

I bow quickly. "Thank you for your time. Enjoy your day."

Usually, you need to have a special pass to go beyond the elevators, luckily, one of the security guards caught my gaze when I turned the corner and held the elevator doors open for me. Bless his soul.

"On the clock today, Sailynn?" He asked, smiling politely to me.

Yeah, my face was recognizable in YG. "Only for a short time. I'm looking for Jiwon, you wouldn't happen to know where he is, would you?"

"Jiwon? Kim Jiwon of iKON? Yeah, he's on the 2nd floor." The man pressed the button for me. "Aren't you usually avoiding him?"

I breathe silently out of my nose all of the frustration that came from that question. Yes, I'm usually avoiding him. Hell, the moment I see him, I run in the opposite direction. But I guess, there's was a thin line between the fun and the games- had I realized the severity of the consequences, I think I would have just avoided YG in general. I've started to believe that I can't keep up with their savage idols.

The doors open up, I step out and bow to the man then turn down the hall to the studio iKON usually uses. I knock once. No answer. Once more. Nope. A couple of more times and still no response. Were they really in this studio?

The door clicked open, revealing Chanwoo peaking through.

"Hi. Is Jiwon here?"

Chanwoo's eyebrows shoot up. "Uh, yeah noona. Come in."

The door opens the entire way, revealing Hanbin looking back to see who was at the door. The moment our eyes locked, he stood up. "Hey Sail."

I bow, "I don't mean to disturb you guys, but I need to talk to Jiwon."

His eyes widened. "Jiwon? Kim Jiwon?"

I nodded.

Hanbin turned to Chanwoo as if half expecting the maknae to explain why I had used the name instead of my usual nickname for him- Bunny.

Before Hanbin could answer, the door to the to the recording room swung open with the Bunny himself staring directly at me.

"Okay! Let's take a break! Come on Chanwoo, I'll buy you something." Hanbin skid across the room and threw an arm around the maknae, abandoning me with Bunny.


"What are you doing here Sailynn?" I cringed at my full name coming out of his mouth, cold, and lifeless. He leaned across the door frame, unmoving.

"I came here to apologiz-"

"Why? There's nothing for you to apologize over."

I bit my lip, staring back like a prey staring directly at the predator. "There is-"

"Go home Sailynn. You're wasting my time."

I flinched. "Excuse me?"

He moves away from the door and walks past me, opening the door behind me. "Please leave."

I swallowed hard and spun on my heel. "No."

An eyebrow of his shot up. "Why?"

"Because we need to talk-"

"We don't need to talk about anyth-"

"I need to talk to you." I correct myself. "Please."

I watch him as he sighed through his nose and closed the door then returned across the small room to take a seat in the chair Hanbin was previously sitting in, leaning back and crossing his arms across his chest. "5 minutes. I'm busy."

I wanted to smack him. Every muscle in my body was aching to smack him. Why? I don't know. I just wanted to smack him. His attitude was bugging me. Cocky much. Judgmental af. Looking at me like I'm a child. God. Can I smack him?

I clear my throat and close my eyes, trying to erase the urge. "I want to apologize for my actions the other night we went on the date-"

"It wasn't a date."

My lips press into a thin line. "I realize that though we are both the type of individuals to joke around with friends-"

"Oh, we're friends? I thought we were acquaintances since you treat me like one."

I tear my eyes open. "Yaah! Can you let me finish?!"

He rose his hands in front of him as if to motion a surrender.

"As I was saying- I realize that I had taken my joke a little too far-"

"What joke? I made you a promise and I'm sticking to my word."

"Look Jiwon, when I agreed to the promise, I didn't mean it in the context that I did."

His arms crossed against his chest again. "Then what context did you mean it in?"

I tried to speak. I honestly did. I even opened my mouth but nothing came out. It was like there was a blockage between my brain and my voice box so I couldn't say what I wanted to.... actually- I didn't know what to say.

He sighed once more and ran his hands through his hair, leaning even further into the chair so his body slid down a bit. "Sailynn. Why don't you just admit that you miss me?"

I snorted. "As if."

An eyebrow shot up, exposing a small smirk of satisfaction on his lips. "Oh? As if you miss me? Or as if you'll admit it?"

I chewed on the inside of my lip and place my hands on both sides of my hips, "look. I'm here to apologize for acting like a jerk the other night. Please be revert to being happy and up beat before Sam sends her minions after my ass. They're annoying."

"No." His smirk grew.

I scoffed. "Sorry. I didn't give you an option."

"Don't care, my answer is still no. I'm fine Sailynn. I know how you like to play. You're roasting people left and right, down right savage but the moment you say something that can cause some feelings to get hurt, you crumble and you show how much of a softie you are.

"All I had to do is pretend to take offense and I knew it would be a matter of time before you came running. Did I expect you to come here and confront me face to face? Of course. That's how you function. Did I expect Sam to claw at you? Of course, noona is protective. But you know what Sail?"

I clench my fists to keep the boiling point of my blood from reaching maximum.

"I'm not going to stop pretending I'm butt hurt over this because you're finally giving me attention. Do you know how hard it is to get attention from you? You're out there chasing after pandas and balls of sunshine. I never see you. And when I do see you, you run from me. Well too bad Sailboat, I want some attention too."

"You're evil," I growl.

"When dealing with you, I kinda have to step my game. Sorry, Sailboat." He winked.

I released my hands and instantly lunged at the cable cords on the ground, throwing them around him quickly and tying him before he had a chase to escape. "LISTEN HERE KIM JIWON. THERE'S A REASON WHY I DODGE YOU AND I'M GOING TO KEEP DODGING YOU WHILE WE PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED."

He snickered. "I didn't realize sunshines like you got this hot headed."

I kick his chair, sending him to the wall and pin him there, both hands on his shoulders to keep him from moving. "I am NOT going to repeat myself Kim Jiwon."

The door clicked opened, making both our heads to turn and see Chanwoo and Hanbin standing in the door way, mouths completely open.

"What are you-"

"This is exactly what it looks like," Jiwon and I spewed simultaneously.

Welp. That escalated quickly...... (^~^;)

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