I'm (not) sorry Ch.6

Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Smut & Angst Readers 18+ only Story: He liked to party and you were okay with that until you started to feel like his burden rather than his prize. (Inspired by Dean's song I'm not sorry)

Y/n's POV*Flash back**Present day*Sometimes it's better to smile even when things are bad. It doesn't mean the bad things go away but sometimes it makes you strong enough to keep going for the people that need you now.He was supposed to be a one night standmakeKiseok's POVHow do I let you go?Kitten: Listen, I can't do this anymore. I love you but this entire relationship is killing me... So I think we should end it. I got my stuff from your place and I left your key in the penthouse. I couldn't do this face to face, I'm sorry but this is the best way."Come on Kiseok, even you know by now it's not me. I haven't been here for years.""But you already have because you can't let go of me. What do you think is going to happen Kiseok? She'll take you back so you could go through the same routine? You are killing her, you know it and she knows it. She's sick of waiting for you to get your act together so she walked away instead. Leave her be, you'll only continue to cause her unhappiness.""It took you that long to figure it out? When are you going to realize it's not me that's torturing you either, it's not me keeping you from moving on.""It's you."Y/N's POVcan't

CLIFFHANGER! My favorite tool. I'll have to stop torturing you guys. Next chapter here I come! Then back to Playmate. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed ~BabydollbreBoss Squad:Sunshine SquadTaglist:

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