So many errors and mistakes in excel data submissions for the free entry to LCF Coin digital currency network business to be launched by Rothschild from China - Key Observations!

As our Global LCF Group announced yesterday, LCF Coin free entry still open only until Jan. 28th! Excel data submissions only to our group please! Request for Correct Free Entry Excel Form to Sandy(AHN SEONGYEOL), the group topline leader: whatsapp +821022534121 Our Global LCF Group tell you the correct way of your and your own group's data submission for free entry to LCF coin! Please note the followings when data submission: (1) The Company LCF has never asked your email. LCF never collects your email. Many ghosts are out there! (2) The Company LCF has never asked you to split your full name naturally being used in your mother country, into Last, First and Middle in the naming order, which is so ridiculous and srupid! Just use your full name as original in your national or state doc, etc... What If it already happened? God help us! (3) So many errors also found in the method of cellphone numbers input into excel data submission form! If not correct, may not be registered by the system! (4) Numerous errors and mistakes in ID numbers as well. (5) The above errors and mistakes have been mainly caused by uneducated web forms and google doc sharing methods! So still happening on the internet!

Hello, my friends! My name is SeongYeol, Ahn. People just call me Sandy because it's too long and hard to Ppronounce. I live in Seoul, South Korea. I work for a company, but also I do online marketing business as well. I am a simple busy man, hahaha. Have a great day, my friend!
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