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Here is another fanfiction by yours truly lol! Kagome fans might feel some type of way about this one lol!

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So yeah I have no idea how I got to this point. Revenge can make the good ones do wild stuff and rewire ones morals. I stand here taking a pregnancy test praying that it comes up negative. It might be 2017 but low key having a child and not being married is looked down upon. I'm not ready to be a mom let alone have his baby. I mean I know how I got here but damn.


I remember that day when my friend at the time told me she had a magic well that took her to this awesome place in the past. I thought she was crazy until I found myself traveling with her to Japan's feudal era. Anyhow, she was friends with these cool people and Inuyasha was one of the main people on his squad. I never seen anyone like him. He was hot! I had to admit where I come from you don't see people with long ass natural flawless white hair, amber eyes, and dog ears! He had the bad guy attitude. I didn't like him that much at first due to his personality, but that changed real quick. Anyhow one day Kagome told me she really liked him and that he was her man. I was cool with that. However, I had no idea that low key I still felt some type of way about it. When we were in high school I remember telling her I liked this guy named Taemin. I was crazy about him. She hated his guts...well at least she said she did. Then one day right after he asked me out. She confessed that she liked him all the time. As friends back in the day we always had this code of honor. If we both liked the same guy he was hands off for both of us. I was super pissed, because she knew I liked him. But as a friend I did not date him. Then the next thing I know I caught them kissing. He was showing me texts she was sending him. That day our friendship ended for me, but she never knew. She still to this day don't know I know what she did behind closed doors. People would never think little Kagome was so kinky. People always thought she was so sweet and pure. Anyhow, we are out of high school. Inuyasha was visiting our world very often. Kagome and I were room mates in college. I would often let her have the room when he came over. Inuyasha and I would have small talk but nothing more. I will admit we had a sexual vibe, but we never spoke about it. Well one day I was in our dorm room listening to BTS at full blast. I was laying in my stomach and daydreaming about banging the BTS crew. When I felt these hands slowly massage the back of my thigh to my butt. I instantly pulled off my headphones and looked back and seen Inuyasha with grin on his face. "What the fuck Inuyasha? You know better." I said. "Oh yeah about that. You know you always wanted me." He said while massaging my butt. "You are with Kagome and this is all wrong." "Well why not make me stop?" He said. Honestly, I did not want to let him. I allowed him to rub my butt. He slipped his fingers passed my shorts and inserted his finger. I gasped and it felt so good. I was already wet from daydreaming. "Damn what you thinking about that got you all like this?" Inuyasha said. "Let's not play games...if you want me prove it Inuyasha." I said while sitting up to face him. He looked at me while sucking on his wet finger from the foot of my bed. Those amber eyes glaring at me. He crawled into my twin sized bed and sat on his knees in between my legs. He gave me intense eye contact. Then suddenly I heard a fabric rip sound and he jammed his two fingers deep into me. I gasped, and I was super confused. It all happened so fast. Inuyasha grinned and then slammed his lips against mine and began deeply kissing me. His lips muffled my screams and moans. I gasped his name as he pulled away. He laid down on his stomach in between my legs and began sucking on my nub. He continued assisting me with those talented fingers. He then removed his fingers and began spanking my outer thighs as he sucked me to my orgasm. My legs began shaking and all I could see was brightness from the room and I was totally soaked. I was breathing as if I ran a marathon. "Now, I showed you. You must show me." He said. I pulled down his pants then he sat on my bed. I knelt down in front of him. I began licking all on his tip. He was turned on from pleasing me I could taste some pre come. I slowly inserted him in my mouth moving my head back and forth. He pulled my hair back and sucked on his bottom lip. "Shit....look up at me baby with that pretty face." He said while running his finger through my hair. I did so and began allowing him to hit the back of my throat making sure to make loud sounds. Inuyasha howled like the dog he was. He fisted my hair as he watched me with pleasure. I picked up the pace and used no hands until I felt him tense up and moan my name while I tasted his salty goodness oozing out. Inuyasha quickly picked me up and slammed me against the wall. He spanked me while holding my hands behind my back and he entered me without mercy. He sucked his fingers in mouth to soften my cry. He was so big. He moaned in my ear and began pounding me like there was no tomorrow. "Oh I love this are so tight." Inuyasha moaned as he pounder harder making the sound of our flesh slapping louder. I couldn't speak. For the first time in history I was speechless. Suddenly he flipped me around and used the wall as support to hold me up and he continued. He sucked on my breasts through my thin white shirt. I could feel myself go blank as I began to squirt evwrywhere. Inuyasha came so hard I thought he was going to crush me into the wall. Well that's how it started and then we made regular visits when Kagome was away. When even had sex when she was in the room with us. I remember us going to the movies together and we gave eachother hand job when a he was sitting right next to her. At first I was having sex with him as some petty revenge but then I began to owly fall for him.

I almost die as I see the words pregnant on the test. I don't know how to feel. I wonder if I should end it or just go with it. Suddenly Inuyasha shows up with Kagome. I began cleaning up. She walks into the bathroom and see the pregnancy test. "Hey are you doing a science experiment?" She pushed out a laugh. "No. I'm pregnant Kagome." "What? How? I mean I know how but you don't even have a boyfriend." She said in a confused tone. Inuyasha turned his head away. "Are you serious." "Yes, I'm serious Inuyasha." "Why would he care. I mean I know you both are somewhat friends." "It's my baby Kagome. I've been dating her and you." " both are kidding. I thought you hated her." "No in fact I love her. I don't know how to put it but I'm going to stay with her. I was thinking about ending it between us like a month ago but now I really need to end this." Inuyasha walked over to me and kissed me while rubbing on my stomach. "What kind of friend are you? You whore!" "What kind of friend are you Kagome? You knew I like Taemin and I know you two have still been fooling around! That day you confessed you love him is the day I began hating you. I've ways liked Inuyasha but didn't say anything." "You are dumb. You have no proof. I've been faithful to Inuyasha." "Explain this?" I shove my cell phone at her with videos of her and Taemin having sex. "He's been uploading them to his secret porn account making money off these." Kagome was speechless. She stormed out the room. Inuyasha smirked and he sat on the bed while playing with the pregnancy test. "I've ways wanted to be a dad. So you are living with me right?" Inuyasha looked up at me. "I mean I could. Do you really want to do this?" I sit on his lap. "Hell yeah! Let's get going!" He picks me up and we close the door never looking back!


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