"The 23 Teasers" (Part 4) EXO Theory


Hello everyone!!

I am back with the final part to the "23 Teasers" theory!!!! Wow, this theory took forever to finally make and put together....>.< Hopefully I'll be able to make this card a bit shorter than the other parts, as well as put the next theory up much sooner;;

So for this card I'll be talking about the songs in the teasers, as well as concluding and summarizing what I said about the teasers.

Missed out on my other theories? Don't worry, I got your back!

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The Music

So normally I would be talking about the lyrics of the MV in this section, but since these are teasers they don't actually have any lyrics that I could talk about. The teasers did each have different songs in them, but I really don't see any point in talking about all of them since the teasers only showed little segments of each song and whatnot. So I'll just talk a little bit about the music.

The music did play a part throughout the teasers. They determined whether it was showing the members becoming more powerful, the members turning more evil, and also even showing the members' humanity. When I was describing my theories for each teaser, I would usually mention the music being used in the teaser to help me figure out/explain what was going on. Music did play a big part in the teasers, but mainly just by how it sounded and what it was trying to convey rather than what the songs were actually saying.


The Conclusion?

Oh wow, this is going to be hard to summarize! Alright, so to summarize the teasers: the teasers were showing the different phases that the members went through with the society. The teasers were shown as dreams and memories, as well as a mix of the two. Some teasers/dreams showed the members being turned into creatures that weren't human, or at least that they were gaining powers. To be honest, I think the tests and things that the society put them through were much more intense and mentally traumatizing then the theories first show. But I'll explain my theory on that later in future MV theories.

The teasers also started to show memories and show more of how the members found the society. I already said that the members all seemed to know about the society and were basically looking for it, and that was even more clear in the teasers. The teasers also made it more apparent that some of the members are more influenced and darker than the other members, but we'll probably notice this more in future MVs. The teasers also started to show scenes that showed a time after they were given their powers. I kept saying that these were trials or jobs that the society was making the members do, but I don't think I ever really described what I meant by this.

I believe that even after the society "perfected" the members that they would still put them through trials, or tests. I'll describe this in more detail in another MV, but to me it seems like the society kept testing them and making them do things to see how well they would complete these tasks. I also called these trials "jobs" since I think the society is after something much bigger, and that they need the members for it. But it seems like there are other groups that are trying to stop the society, but the society is too powerful, especially now that they have control over the members. So the groups aren't really that pointed out or that important, yet (?).

So to conclude all of this, the "23 Teasers" are telling the story of the kinds of things that the members went through when they were taken by the society. They also describe a bit more of how the members were found and how the members knew about the society. We now know that the society wanted these specific boys for a certain purpose, and whether that goal is good or evil is something that will be, hopefully, told in the future MVs. Also, whether or not the boys will ever regain their humanity and whether or not the members will ever turn back to the light will also, hopefully, become more apparent in the future.


What's Next?

Next up I will be doing a theory on EXO's "History" which was released after "What Is Love." I hope that I'll be able to put up the theory for this music video much sooner than I did for these teasers;;

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Please don't think that my theory is definitely the right theory, that is not what I'm trying to say here. This is all based on my own guesses and things I saw in the music video and lyrics, and ideas from other theory videos that I've watched. I know for a fact that I'm probably not right.

And please guys, tell me what your theories are on this video and the lyrics!! I really would love to see what you guys think the theory is!!!! I started this series because I wanted to see what your guys' theories were, so please comment down your own ideas and theories!! Thank you so much!

Thank you guys for reading my theory and for commenting your own theories (if you did, of course). I hope you guys are all as excited about the next theory as much as I am. And if you aren't then that's fine too cX Thank you~

And see you all in the next theory C:

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