BTS (Taehyung Part 5):


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Word Count: 1139

Taehyung's POV:

*a few months later*

“Um… let me think about it…” She said jokingly with a giggle. I smiled knowingly, remembering when first night I asked her out. “What’s with that grin?” (Y/n) questioned as she turned around to continue doing the dishes. “Do you have to do that right now, babe? I want to spend my time off with you!” I wrapped my arms around her. I felt her heave a sigh with her back against my chest. “I’m almost done with my chores, then you can have the rest of my day…” “Okay,” I replied unsatisfied with her answer. I started to help her with the dishes, so that I could have her for longer. When we finished, she and I, both sat on the couch together. I could see the lack of energy in her eyes. I took her feet off the ground “What are you doing?” I didn’t reply and took her house slippers off her feet. I began to rub her feet, I knew how hard she has been working to be where she’s at… I’ve been going through the same thing. “What did I ever do to deserve you?” she said with a weak smile looking at me. “It’s more like the other way around… do you want to watch a movie and cuddle?” “You read my mind…” she replied with a giggle.

We watched movie until we were both spooning on the couch, asleep. I woke up to the smell of her sweet shampoo and the credits rolling on the TV. I kissed her neck and she stirred in her sleep. I smiled at her peaceful, sleeping face. “Sweet dreams…” I whispered in her ear before laying back down and falling asleep again.

(Y/n)’s POV:

As my eyes fluttered open, I see Tae’s smiling face. Just looking at him could make my heart flutter and the muscles by my mouth move my lips into an involuntary smile. I love him with all my heart. I could die happy right here in this moment. I wish my life was just an endless loop of this… I mean I love my career, but it never makes me as happy as he does. He leans down and gives me a sweet peck on the nose. “I could stay like this forever.” He sighs and pulls me closed to him. Our chests crushed together as if we could never get close enough together. I gave him a peck on his lips, which he graciously gave back. “I wish we could stay like this forever, but…” “But, what?” he sounded a bit concerned. My stomach growled at his words. He laughed along with me when he got the hint that we had to get up and eat.

I stretched as I got up and Tae followed suit. Walking into the kitchen, I started to make breakfast for us… our usual, pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I started to make the batter and I felt something grip my waist. I smiled as he pulled me close and buried his face into my hair, taking a deep breath and panting a kiss behind my ear, like always. Every time he did this I felt my heart flutter a little harder than before. “I love you…” “I love you, too…” I turned and looked at him. “Oh, you have something on your face…” I said trying to trick him. “Where?” he felt his cheek. I dipped my finger in the batter and rubber it on the tip if his nose. “Right there…” I giggled. “Okay, you got me…” he chuckled. I thought it was over, but as I was walking away from him to go get more eggs out of the fridge, I felt him playfully slap me on the butt. I froze in shock, looking down at my pajama pants and saw a hand print made of what looked like flour. I looked up and he was laughing at his work of art.

“Oh, now it’s on!” I totally forgot about the eggs and started to chase after him with a bowl of flour. We’re both giggling like idiots as I chase him around the island. He finally let me catch up to him and I left a matching, flour hand print on his pajamas. He chuckled some more and grabbed me in a light tackle to the ground. It was a miracle that the bowl of flour didn’t spill all over the floor. I put it down before he rolled us over and he was on top of me. Giving me kisses all over my face, making me giggle at the ticklish sensation he was causing.

“I think you make me the happiest man in the world…” I stopped giggled as his serious gaze looked with mine. “dead or alive…” he joked. “Well, I hope your alive because then we will have ghost children,” I played along. “Oh, I don’t care as long as you’re the one having my children… sharing the same bed as me, waking up to your face every morning and falling asleep next to you every night…” he paused looking serious. I couldn’t help, to stare at him in awe. “helping you take care of our Casper children…” he joked again. I loved hearing his chuckle. He smiled at me and I ran my fingers through his hair, something I did often recently because his bangs hid his eyes a bit and I wanted to look into his eyes completely, right now.

“What do you have whirling around in that head of yours?” I asked with a smile playing on my lips. “I was thinking about the future…” “Oh, really? The future of what?” I asked, a bit intrigued. “Us…” he said that a smile. Still keeping a steady stare into my eyes. I froze and my heart raced a bit. “(Y/n)… I really want to do this forever with you. I want to wake up to your beautiful face every morning, face asleep holding you tight, rub your feet when you’re tired…” he paused. “I want to have children that are just like you in every way… I want to be with you when our hair turns grey…” I looked him in the eyes. “I want the same… except I want to cook breakfast for you every morning. Have children that are more like you in very way…” I giggled a bit. There was total silence in the air for a good minute he spoke again. “I love you… (Y/n)… Marry me!” he sounded so excited I couldn’t help, but to giggle a bit. He pretends to pout. “You don’t want to marry me?” “Of course, I want to marry you! I would do it right now if I could…” he chuckled at my proclamation, so I kissed him to shut him up.

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