Weekly Spotlight- Meet The Author: VIPFreak2NE1

Hello! It's Ashlei. I'm back once again with the weekly author spotlight.

Fact and Fiction

Once in A Lifetime

1) Please introduce yourself!

Hi I'm VIPFreak2NE1, I love all things with K in front of it basically, anime and manga type stuff, it goes into more detail in my profile description thing.

2)When did you start writing?

I started writing in the beginning of 2014 I think? My friend actually introduced Fanfiction to me and I started experiment writing with Disney shows and Cartoons before I got into kpop and all that stuff.

3)What style/ genre are you most comfortable with writing and why?

I think I'm most confident in writing Angst. Although lately I've been trying out a lot of smut writing. Angst is just easier for me because I love to be dramatic, I can kind of relate to it, and I LOVE readers' reactions to it. I like writing romance stories, too. Like, no matter what genre, there always has to be some kind of pairing, you know?

4)In your opinion what is the best fan fic you have written?

I believe my best work so far is "Once in A Lifetime" because it's the only story that I've wrote myself, that made me cry. I've cried plenty of times to others' stories but this is the first time I've cried to one of my own.

5)Promote one of your fan fic in five words or less!

Read it or Don't, thanks! ( That sounds so harsh DX but it's 5 words I've completed my task)

6) How do you deal with writer's block?

Oh the dreaded writer's block...Most of the time, I just sit there and stare at the screen until I get some kind of idea. Other times, I'll look around and just think about random things to get my mind going, listen to some music, or read over what I've written already and think about how to continue it.

7)Do you have any advice for other writer out there?

VERY IMPORTANT: WRITE DOWN ALL OF YOUR IDEAS SOMEWHERE. It doesn't matter how stupid or short it seems, if you don't keep some kind of memory of it, you will regret it. You don't know how many great story ideas I've lost because I couldn't remember it BECAUSE I DIDN'T WRITE IT DOWN. Trust me, this will save you.

I'm so sad I finished answering so quickly DX.

I want to thank VIPFreak2NE1 for doing the interview! Please be sure to check out her fan fic, I promise you won't be disappointing! Tune in next week for the next meet the author!

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