Heirs" Poster, Woo Bin Stills, BTS And Other Goodies To Tide Us Till The Premiere!

Heirs is in full promotion mode so we’re constantly getting goodies. First up is the poster: I think the law of diminishing returns applies here. The optimal number of people a poster should have is probably around four or five because by the time it gets to twelve, we don’t even know where to look or if there’s a theme or message. Well, perhaps it’s hinting at something between Choi Jin Hyuk’s character and Min Ho’s character’s mom. They had a cute vibe in the teasers but is Kim Won really going to get it on with his daddy’s wife? What does he think this is? Glass no le? Eun Sang is wearing denim on denim which is never a good combo although she doesn’t look too bad and I don’t even know what’s going on with Kim Tan’s jacket. Im Joo Eun looks cold and Jeon Soo Jin looks like an inexperienced CIA agent who hasn’t quite learned to hide her earpiece. To be honest, when I first saw the poster, I thought they’d photoshopped the cast together but they really gathered them together as seen in this 13-minute Making video: Next up is bad boy biker, Choi Young Do. Well, I’m assuming he’s a bad boy because only bad boys ride bikes. Will the smart but unmotivated rich kid add this to his collection? How many of us wish he would add us to his collection? Next, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin will be appearing on the October 6th episode of SBS’s variety show, Running Man. I wonder what their missions will be and which team will win. I particularly like this one: This photo isn’t exactly sexy but I can’t be the only one who imagined watching him in slow motion as he takes off his shirt then we’ll see his chest muscles tense and biceps bulge as he squeezes the water out of it. Oh, it’s just me? As this drama is so darn highly anticipated, I hope we get to do more than ogle hot guys. It’s all about the story, dammit! The story! I’ll be recapping it so I hope it’ll be worth my while. It’s less than a week till October 9th and I’m so ready!

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