Jooheon Imitates Jackson! (Very Late Jooheon Tuesday 😥)

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Jooheon Tuesdays!~

I'm sorry it's so late...things came up on Tuesday, and kept me busy until now. I was able to use what little extra time I had to make the other cards on the days it was necessary, but I've only just now had time to sit down and write this one. I sincerely apologize for that.

Anyways, Let's get right into it!

I'm sure you're all quite aware of the relationship between Jooheon and Jackson of Got7! They were on Celebrity Bromance together, and recorded an episode of Weekly Idol together. They're really great friends!

But apparently, Jooheon has spent so much time with him that he learned how to do an impression of Jackson! (And a pretty spot on one too!)


Thanks so much for tuning in! Sorry it's so short, but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless! ❤ I'll see you all on Tuesday!

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