Danger! part 86

Gosh its been a while since Danger has been touched. lol pun intended considering this chapter is going to be a bit dirty.

If your not in the mood for a little dirty humor turn back now, if your ready proceed! Yup that's my warning to you all.



Days went by since the concert and Eliza was thankful that the tension in the group was easing up. It had become so awkward before the concert but things had been getting cleared up little by little.

Eliza and Belle were talking about the new light stick coming out as they walked into the studio. Belle was explaining its new functions. New color mode to go along with the music, different pulse lighting on it and vibration.

"I'm sorry are we talking about a lightstick or a dildo? I think I zoned out and missed something" Eliza burst out laughing.

"How do you get dildo out of that? It lights up" Belle exclaimed.

"And vibrates plus it has a new slimmer handle then the last. The way its explained oh god Belle why would they need a light stick to vibrate" eliza laughed.

"Well you never know!" Belle laughed.

"What is a fan going to go all out and be like oh I can't take it anymore let's just use this its in my hand" Eliza joked.

"Don't even. That is sick." Belle said. "We don't say it out loud, that way it can remain a secret" belle said as they approached the make up room. There was voices from inside.

Belle and Eliza stopped talking about the light stick.

Who knew that it was a safer conversation for the girls then the one they walked in on.

J hope and Jimin were standing across from each other, each grabbing their crotches.

"Mines bigger" eliza whispered to Belle.

"No mine is." Belle whispered.

"I can't even cup mine fully, you can" Eliza whispered.

"But I'm not hard yet" Belle said.

The two of them burst out laughing as they came up with dialogue for what the two were doing.

"What are you two talking about?" Jimin questioned looking over at the girls.

"Nothing" they said in unison.

"What about you two?" Belle asked.

"Talking about if anything shows in these pants" j hope said. "They are so tight. Jimin said if I move it then it won't show" j hope added.

"What do you think? does it show? I cant, no I won't, go on stage if it shows. I don't want front row to get an eye full" Jimin said.

"Uhm okay. So you two are groping yourselves for a reason at least " Belle said.

"I can see the outline on Jimin" Eliza noted.

"Eliza!" Belle exclaimed.

"What he asked" Eliza said.

"You don't say it. Come on let the fans enjoy a little peak! They gotta use those glowsticks for something" Belle laughed as she spoke.

"You two are so bad" J hope chuckled.

"You two are some horny chicks" jimin said shaking his head.

"Horny? No just the conversations got us a bit dirty minded" eliza said.

"What is going on in here?" Someone said at the doorway.

Jin stood behind us.

"Dirty talk?" Jimin said.

"Horny teenagers?" J hope commented

 "I'm a teenager? Gee thanks I never felt younger" Belle exclaimed.

"I don't want to be a teenager. Teen years sucked" Eliza pouted.

"But we didn't have to be grown ups and have to adult" Belle pointed out.

"Oh true! Okay I want to be a teenager again!" Eliza grinned.

"For some of you. When I was a teenager I was still adulting" kookie said walking into the room.

"Kookie!" Belle exclaimed looking at him

 "Your still a teenager" Jin said.

"I'm twenty" kookie said annoyed.

"Yes, barely. Last year you were a teen still. Nineteen" Jin stated.

"And I have a job and responsibility" he pointed out.

"Yes you did. You good boy!" Jin said grabbing kookie into a hug.

"Well this is cute and disturbing and all, but I think its time to adult" Eliza said.

"I have to get you all dressed to go out. So J hope, Jimin take those pants off and go change. They are for concerts not outings" Eliza said.

me and@SugakookieV couldn't help ourselves when we started talking about the new glow sticks. I got confused on what we were talking about when she started talking about the functions. thus my mind went dirty. And bother conversation, well when you walk into a convo with two guys, yes listen to that at a wedding very interesting. lol

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