Coffee Break part 57

Its been a few days. School starting for the semester and starting to get bombarded with homework. ugh lol. that's okay. I still set a bit of time to write for the stories today!

Yoongi's view. I honestly had no clue what was going on around me anymore. It could be due to the fact that if I wasn't working or I was with Keri I was sleeping. That was wrong, I also knew of Mel's wedding because Keri kept reminding me it was at the end of the week and that she was going to have a girls night. Which was why I was at the dorms with the guys and randomly in this conversation. Tae, Jimin and Kooki were sitting on the couch playing video games as I walked to the kitchen. They had already finished the pizza and I was to lazy to go downstairs to get ramen so I made Jimin do it. Actually I told Tae but he was in the middle of his turn so Jimin went. "Where have you been lately?" Kooki asked me. "In bed" I smirked "what about you?" He raised a brow shooting his question right back to him. "Not in bed" he stated looking away. "Yah where have you been?" Tae asked all of a sudden. "I haven't had game night in a full week cuz you weren't here" Tae said. "I thought you would have been out with Layla" kooki said. "Oh I have" he grinned "two dates!" Tae announced. "Two? Hasn't it been a week  since your first date?" I asked confused. My first week with Keri I had made it a point to see her every day. Well he wasn't as romantic as I can be. "Well I've been busy" Tae said. "And embarrassed. Mia said you fell after 3 steps when you went rock climbinh" kooki chuckled. "Mia? Whose mia?" Tae questioned, "yah! How does she know that?" He shouted all of a sudden. "Mia is Layla's best friend" I stated. Both of them turned to look at me. I just shrugged. "Its Keri's new friend. Keri told me that too. Nice Tator tot" I said with a straight face. "Oh that makes sense then" tae said like it made sense so he was happy. It was silent for a minute. I was just waiting for it to click in Tae's head. He was a smart boy. "Kooki! How do you know Mia?" Tae stopped and stared at him. "Uh she goes to the same gym as me" kooki said. "Oh, that's cool" tae said.  I couldn't help but chuckle. There was more to it, but if kooki wanted to keep it to himself . . . . well I really couldn't allow that. Slowly I'll get that info out.  I'm only putting it off now cause Jimin  walked into the room with my ramen. "I got 3 different ones. Honey sesame is mine" Jimin said. "I'm taking a bite" I stated. "No, if you do you'll eat it all, I've seen you eat" jimin complained. "I got you two for a reason" he said. I just blinked at him. "No" Jimin repeated and turned to go to the kitchen.  He started heating up a pot of water. I dumped more water into it and waited for the water to boil. Jimin started talking about the alien game they were playing and I kind of just zoned out. The next day I was at Keri's house. I was sitting as she laid on me, her head resting in my lap. The girls night had actually been a  bachlerette party which turned out wild and she was hung over today feeling sick..  I had come over after work and turned on a random movie and took care of her. She was slowly coming alive. Enough that she told me that it involved karaoke, a bar and pole dancing. I didn't want to know more then that. "Hey do you have your suit and everything ready? The wedding is Saturday at a high end hotel." She cracked an eye open and looked up at me "last chance to get out of going" she said. "Really? I can back out of this? Okay I'm game. Let's skip it" I told her, kidding of course and the smirk on my face could vouch for it. She giggled then moved her heas so her face was buried in my stomach. "Oh my head. Don't make me laugh. It hurts my head and stomach" she groaned. "How much exactly did you drink to make you feel this bad?" I asked as I stroked her hair. "I lost count after there was 5 bottles on the table" she answered. "You did this to yourself then" I told her as she bolted up right and in an instant was up and running. Sighing I got up to follow her. I found Keri on the floor of the bathroom. Grabbing the glass off the counter I handed it to her kneeling beside her and started stroking her back. "At the wedding your going to be the Same way arent you?" I asked. "No. I'm never drinking again" she declared. Yea, like that was true. She may last a week but I knew she would be drinking at the wedding. I spent the next couple hours with her before heading out. I went to the studio and worked on lyrics and beats that were stuck in my head as I took care of Keri.

lol so it looks like Mel's wedding is finally coming up! Yea. next part will be really long I gather since it'll be wedding time! and Yoongi is just so sweet taking care of Keri!

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