Cony Island: Brooklyn NY

My much procrastinated Cony Island post. It took my too long to write this out. For Vingle, I will condense my long photo diary into the Cony Island portion. But if you are interested, please do visit my blog. ----------------- My lovely roommate and I took a trip out to Cony Island for a delicious dinner and some photos. Little did we realize that the sun is setting a lot sooner these days, so by the time we got to Cony Island, it was dark. Nonetheless, we got out dinner and took a walk along the boardwalk. It was a bit strange to get used to the lack of people around us, but it was an enjoyable outing. Unfortunately the pictures did not come out as great as I was hoping, so forgive me again for that. I would definitely suggest making the outing, if you do, during the day. I was hoping for an old-school carnival feel at the island, but it felt a little deserted. Nonetheless, it was something I had been wanting to do for a while and I am glad we did so. Plus, anything is worth hotdogs and fries. I love fries.
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