Gaeul (Boys over Flowers) KIM So Eun character Description in "INSPIRING AGE"OPPA KHJ NEW SHOW

Name: Yoon Ok Ryeon/ Yoon Ung Ryeon / 윤옥련 Age: 15 (Teen) 20 (Adult) Location: Shanghai, China Description: Aspiring singer, fearless, joined elite group ‘KPA’(Korean People’s Army) after first love’s death. Screen Name: ‘Jane’ Love Interest: Kim Soo Ok / 김수옥 Plot: She is the face of Shinuiju. A pretty face but courageous. Trials kept coming to her as it was driven by fate. A tomboyish girl with a dream of becoming a singer. Her first love is Kim Soo Ok (Lee Seon Ho). But despite her love with Soo Ok, He is not ready yet. Ok Ryeon keeps her love in silence. They were reunited in Gyeongseong province. Thinking that they haven’t seen each other for a while, she got very excited upon their meeting but there’s a bomb waiting to explode (metaphorically). Unexpectedly, the Japanese forces attacked. Soo Ok died before her very eyes and she kept Soo Ok in her heart and never forget. After her first love’s death, she joined the independence movement. Escaping from Shinuiju going to Shanghai, she changed her name into ‘Jane’ as a singer. As a singer, she is a secret elite agent at the same time. Often compared to a Dutch Exotic Spy Dancer ‘Matahari’. One hand holding a mic while the other holding a bomb. Ok Ryeon’s promise to Soo Ok ‘Wait for Me Ahjussi’ kept Shin Jung Tae in a deep conflict with his love towards her. Actress: Kim So Eun (Boys Over Flowers) CREDIT 2 INSPIRING AGE OFFICIAL @ FACEBOOK

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