Give Me More pt. 1

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Hoseok Taehyung Sulli Gayoon Hoseoks Brother Hoseoks Mom

Hoseoks father

Jan.14.2012 South Seoul, Korea

"Anyeonghaeseyo" "Anyeonghaeseyo" "You may sit." Some people hate going to work everyday. I'm not one of those people, Since I am an honor students teacher, my class behaves swimmingly. I'm not ignoring the fact that they themselves are rambunctious , hormonal beings, but they at least do not act like heathens when they enter my class room. I am not trying to boast about this of course, but because of that my students do have the highest test marks in the school and that's been my record ever since I've started here four years ago. Every parent wants their child to be in my class and every teacher wants to be me. I can't say I don't exactly disagree with them I mean my credentials are perfect. Not only that but every student I teach has graduated from here and have gone to the Top Prestigious schools in America. My perfect students, Teacher career and Perfect life, nothing could make it go wrong. I'm all set.

Jan.15.2012 JDC America

"Alright Hoseok you're free to go, don't let us catch you in here again. or Next time you'll be tried as a full adult." Hoseok rubbed the skin on his wrist that the offensive hands cuffed were just tightly locked around and glared at the Juvi guard in front of him. He hated the guards more than he hated Juvi itself. He was glad he could get out of this place, even though it was his fault he got landed in here, but Hoseok knew he wasn't guilty, even if the law told him he was. he did what he needs to do. "Hoseok?" He turned around to see his mother standing there. "Eomma..." Hoseoks mother went up to him and gave him a hug, probably only just to see if he was malnourished or not. "I missed you sweetie." Hoseoks was pretty damn sure his mother didn't miss him as much as she'd missed that man. The damn bastard didn't give a shit about anyone so why was his mom so blind to that fact. He'd walked out on him and his mother when his was younger just to be with another man. "I missed you too mother." the guard told his mother that all she had to do was sign the official paper work that said he was allowed to be released, and he was free to leave the building legally. When Hoseok stepped outside he felt the crisp winter air rush into his face. They could at least gave him a sweater to leave with, assholes. "You know what's been happening at home since I've been sending you letters every week right." It's not like he's read any of them. "no I don't I stopped reading them after letter five." Hoseok leaned his head against the car window taking in the bleak cliff side view leaving the penitentiary. his mother sighed and nodded, of course she had known he would stop reading them eventually, however she wanted Hoseok to know that she thought about him. "well if you must know your older brother is home, he's visiting for a while until he can get his political campaign underway." " and what about that man?" "....Hoseok I know you don't like your father and I getting re married but..." " Yeah you're right mom I don't. I can't fucking stand him, how could you go back to him after he left us like that." Hoseok knew why but he didn't want to admit that it was his fault his mom went back to him. But a juveniles expenses for Juvi weren't cheap. He wish he could stop fucking up his moms life. If only he was like his older brother, Then maybe she wouldn't be so miserable. His mom was tired he could tell, the bags under her eyes a clear sign of it, and what does he do...curse at her for being with a man who doesn't even want her, just so she can take care of him. He's a shit ass of a son and he knows it. "You'll understand when you're older honey, besides forget about your father for the time being-" " That man is not my father." " you may not like it but he is your father Hoseok." It's silent for a while after that, mom probably not wanting to set her son off on a tangent again. But eventually she can't hold it back any longer and breaks the silence and it's just like her. He's missed this part of his moms personality while he was in jail. They talked about what he did to pass his time in Juvi, which was nothing much but sleeping, reading, and sometimes painting when he was allowed to. " you know Ga Yoon has missed you? she cant wait to see you again" oh yeah that's right before I got shipped away I was with Ga Yoon, I wonder how much she's changed in the past three years. "- she's been asking all about you too. We told her you got sent away to boarding school." "So you lied." " We did it to protect you Hoseok, I mean, with everything that happened Hoseok do you want people to know, Yoongi's life was-" " Mom just drop it, I don't feel like talking about this right now." I almost had forgotten about all Yoongi. " Fine I'll drop it after I say this, you should go and talk to his family, you know to make things right. After that you can move on if you want to, but your father-" Hoseok sends her the best glare he can manage when he hears that. " I mean that man and I have something to discuss with you when we get back to Korea." Of course they do, as in of course that bastard does, he probably wants to ship him of to military school. All Hoseok knows is that he hopes they don't make it back to Korea.

Jan.16.2012 South Seoul, Korea

'Tae, are you listening?" "Huh, Oh sorry Sulli, what were you saying." Sulli crossed her arms in aggravation, most likely because this was the third time her boyfriend has ignored her while speaking. " is your work more important, maybe I should leave?" Taehyung grabs Sulli's wrist and brings her down to sit in his lap " I'm sorry babe, it's just that there's this new student being transferred in to my class tomorrow who's name is Hoseok, I have to review his files before he comes to class tomorrow." "What another rich kid?" "No not exactly, he's different. He's just gotten out of Juvenile Detention. and there's a list of things that set him off, so I have to review that too." "Can't they just put him in another class or something. why does he have to be in yours. What about your perfect pupil record? He's going to ruin it." " I think the superintendent is testing me to see if I'll fail for once, but I'm not gonna back down so easily." Sulli gets u and removes Taehyungs hands from around her waist, slightly shaking her head. Taehyung was still as unbelievable and thickheaded as ever, she wondered if the man was ever gonna learn. "I have to get back to work, but I'll see you later for dinner right?" "Yes most definitely." " Then I'll see you then." "No good-bye kiss?" "aren't you supposed to be studying that kid right now, ill kiss you later Taehyung?" I can't believe she really left with out kissing me, well that's to be expected, that's Sulli for you. Taehyung spends five more minutes reviewing what makes Jung Hoseok tick when he finally gets to a photo of the kid.

...The kid looks perfectly normal, not like he's been in Juvi or anything...he just looks like a High school Boy. But what was he taking this picture for, and why is he making this odd facial expression. well every child I different in their own way I guess. What other information is there. The documents say that the boy is 17 years old. His favorite color is Pink and...the reason why he went to Juvi. I shouldn't be reading that part of his documents, I know I shouldn't but the curiosity gets the best of me and before I know it, I am newly informed that he was involved in two hit and runs, and was sent to America for 2 and 1/2 years because of it. lesson learned Taehyung don't judge a book by it's cute ducked faced photo. and this felon was going to be in his class tomorrow! what did he ever do to deserve this bad Karma, was it because he boasted to much about his perfect of course not! well....

Jan.17.2012 6:00 am The Jung House Hold

"Hoseok wake up! You're gonna be late." He moaned and sat up in his bed, he seriously wished now that their flight had been delayed possibly forever, not only was he on "House Probation" declared by that bastard, but he had to go to some rich ass preppy school. Hoseok hated all of them right now, all he wanted to do was get back to his dream about Ga Yoon, because he apparently still has feelings for her. "Ga Yoon is already here you don't want to make her late too do you?" Hoseok rolled his eyes and jimmied his way out of bed "Some privacy please!" "Oh yes sorry, I'm just happy you're home honey." " Yeah mom now get out or I really am gonna be late." When Hoseok finally got dressed he though he was gonna die why did they put him in this. He looked like a half-baked Richie rich from Walmart. He didn't wanna go anywhere looking like this. He's in the middle of having a mental breakdown when he hears a knock on his bedroom door. "Hey Hoseok It's Ga Yoon can I enter?" " yeah sure if you like pep-ster guys." He hears her laugh from the other side of the room door just before she steps in and closes the door behind her. "Whoa!!....You're totally hotter Hobie." "Thanks, You're not bad yourself." Ga Yoon playfully pouted and punched Hoseok in his arm. "I'm totally Cute!" " Whatever lets hurry up and leave before my mom has an aneurism about us being late." They both laughed as they wet down the stairs only to run into Hoseoks father. "You're leaving?" " yeah but don't worry I'll be back tonight unlike some people here, who didn't come back for years." "Hoseok I-" "Whatever let's go before we're late Ga Yoon." " ah..Yes." their first 10 minutes of their walk to school consisted of them goofing around even though it was 16 degrees outside. "You still hate your father I see."" can we talk about something else. Like who your teacher is, maybe we're in the same class." " Oh I have Mr. Kim, he's hotter than the son it's self. all the girls in my class say if you put an ice cream cone on him, it will melt." " well of course it's gonna melt." " shut up." They both laugh for about 10 seconds before finally catching their breaths. "who is your teacher?" "This half-pot name Dr. Kim ." " No way! you got put into his class, everybody wants to be put into his class but nobody is good enough to get in, How did you get in, Maybe because you studied abroad?" ...I forgot m mother lied to her about me going to Juvi, and she said she sent me to boarding school instead. Great how am I supposed to live up to that one. " hehe yeah I guess." " hey will you teach me some English?" " No" " Please" " Have you always been this aggravating?" "hmm maybe, oh there's the school.' Hoseoks had the school pegged, the school looked liked the cleaner version of freaking Hogwarts. The grass had its own lines, marbled statues, and big glass windows and doors. Rich people. The only reason he was Ga Yoon Boy-friend was because she was the coolest richie he's ever met. " come on I'll show you to your class." Hoseoks tired of walking five minutes into their little search for his class room, and they still ended up being late, how ironic right. Eventually they both make it to his classroom which is room 65E and Thank God Ga Yoons class is across the hall from his. " I'll see yah in an 2 hours and good luck, tell me how he teaches okay." Whatever." Ga Yoon starts walking away but stops suddenly as if she forgot something, " Oh yeah..." She turn around a before Hoseok has time to react she kisses him on the lips before turning around again. "that's my way to say welcome home Hoseok. see yah later, and as soon as Ga Yoon Enter her class room door Hoseok turn around and knocks on his. It take approximately five seconds before the classroom door opens. A tall man looking around 26 in age opens the door, and look at him blankly. " Who are you?" "I'm Jung Hoseok, the new student in this class." He can feel everyone's eyes on him, their burning holes into his soul. "Ah yes I know who you are, come in and introduce yourself in front of the class, then take a seat where ever you want to."

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