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Okay you guys I have thought about this long and hard and I have decided to bring to your recognition Thelma Aoyama. Now I know you must be wondering who this dark-skinned Asian woman maybe well let me tell you.

Thelma is half Japanese and Trinidadian

Thelma's intro to the music scene was when she featured on DS455's song Summer Paradise~Risin' to tha Sun.

The following year Thelma made her solo debut with One Way.

Featured songs:

Thelma worked with Soulja on two songs. First his song ここにいるよ /Koko ni iru yo (I am here) and then he featured on her song そばにいるね /Soba ni iru ne (I'm by your side) in response to his song.

They worked on a third song together はなさないでよ/Hanasanai de yo (Don't Break us Apart) .

Collaborations with Korean artists:

Fall in Love & Without U

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