Dongwoo - Request

Refreshing the page every second as you were anticipating the new release of the Infinite song, Request. Once it was released a few minutes later than expected you put in your earphones and made the video HD quality. Your eyes intensely stared at the beautiful men that performed in front of you. Once the first time that you watched the video passed you, nothing could be contained as tears came to your eyes and you told the world how much you loved you Oppa’s, the wave of feelings and pride swept over you as you found it hard to breathe as your chest tightened.

After hours of watching the video on repeat you laid down on the couch as you listened to it on repeat more and more, falling in love with the song and the members all over again. The dim light of the laptop illuminated through the space as the stars and moon shined through your apartment. Your hand fell from the couch as you sprawled yourself out.

Hours later the door opened to your husband, Dongwoo as he walked through the door. The flashing images seemed familiar as he looked on the couch, you laid on the couch as your face was pressed up against the cushion of the couch.

Dongwoo smirked at you enjoying your beauty as he knelt down beside you. Lifting the ear buds from your ears he gently stroked your cheek with the back of his fingers. Enjoying your soft skin against his as he tucked your loose hair behind your ear. Turning to shut off your computer he noticed that you were watching the new mv. With a big, proud smile on his face he lifted your hand up to place it on the other one under your cheek as he shut off your computer. Winding up your earphones he placed them on top as he moved you carefully into his arms as your head rested on your shoulder and your legs wrapped around his waist as he held you close.

Pushing the bedroom door open with his hip he laid you on the bed as he turned down the sheets. Sliding you over to the newly turned down sheets he turned down the other side as he took off his shirt and changed into some plaid pants. Turning off the light, he gently slipped into bed wrapping his arms around you as you began to sing his rap.

The atmosphere that leads you (all my passion)

It will be hard to escape (future-oriented world)

It may all look the same but I am different

I am the innovation like a mirage.

He couldn’t contain himself as pride flowed through him, pressing his soft pink lips against your neck he whispered in his husky voice how beautiful and how perfect you are of course how much he loves you. Snuggling your head into his chest he held you gently as you wrapped your legs around his mumbling more lyrics as he fell asleep singing his dream song with you according to your request.

I am a writer, Lovrodney is my pen name, I am on AsianFanFics and Tumblr as well!
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