Dongwoo - One Wish

Here you were, on a plane, to visit Infinite. Weeks ago, the boys had set everything up for you to come and surprise a visit to Dongwoo. They knew that you two really loved each other, yet in distress when you two were separated. So they arranged a special present for Dongwoo, little did they know that Dongwoo wanted the same thing.

Sitting in your seat, you played games and listened to his songs to just fall more and more in love with him. Everything from his smile to his dancing, just everything and you had no idea how you got along without him for so many years.

The time quickly passed as the plane began to land. Gathering your things, you knew that you would be greeted by one of the managers since Infinite would be having a dress rehearsal for their concert the next night. Pulling the hood over your head, you walked down the tunnel to the open airport. A sea of people greeted you as you tried to find the manager that would pick you up.

Finally, you spotted a sign with Mrs. Jang written against the white surface. You smiled to yourself as you waved to the manager and walked up to him.

“You could have chosen something else to write on there.” You said as he took down the sign as you blushed looking around.

“I thought it would be the most discrete and we all know how much Dongwoo thinks of you. I would suggest that you get used to seeing it.” The manager said with a smile as he helped you carry your luggage to the van. Slipping into the van, he started to drive you to the hotel that you would be staying at.

Resting your head against the window, you closed your eyes just for a moment to relax into your seat and to come to the discovery that you were actually going to surprise Dongwoo for his birthday. The van came to a stop as you opened your eyes and helped the manager carry your things to your room, that was a few floors above Infinite’s room.

“Let me know if you need anything, I will be staying right next door.” The manager said, as it was his job to protect you from the fans while you were with Infinite.

“Thank you for everything.” You said happily as you bowed to him before he left your room. Turning on your phone, your background lit up your face in more ways than one.

Your background was Dongwoo, just being his beautiful, unique self. That is how you loved him, that is how you wished he could be forever. Smiling at his face you gently kissed your screen as a vibration shook your hand.

Are you here in the hotel? - SG

Yes Sunggyu, I am here all safe and sound.

You messaged as you recognized the number. You sat on the edge of your bed as you saw the lights of the city twinkle outside of your window.

We want you to sing something for Dongwoo, we think that will really surprise him this year. - HW

Ah Hoya, I know you just want to see him cry, that is your challenge with every member’s birthday.

Kekeke, you know me all too well - HW

Laughing to yourself you set your phone down on the bed as you unzipped your bags and tried to find your pajamas. Turning down the bed, you turned off all the lights beside the lamp right next to your bed. Opening your laptop, you got a video call as you happily accepted it, since it was from Dongwoo.

“Hey Woo-ssi.” You sang as you grabbed a pillow and laid it on your lap with the laptop on top of the white pillow.

“Hi Jagiya” He said tiredly as he gave you a small smile.

“Is my Dino tired?” You smiled at him, too excited to show him tomorrow that you were here with him. He nodded his head as he ran his fingers through his hair, exposing his bare arms.

“I really want one of your massages.” He whined as he pouted his lip for you.

“I know I always give you one to help you sleep but I think you will be ok, maybe you can ask one of the members to do it?” You offered as he sat straight up.

“I’m fine, really. I can wait till I come home and you give me one. By the way, where are you? This doesn’t look like your room.” He tried to cover up his yawn as you just smiled.

“I am at a friends house. I better let my dancing dino get some rest. Goodnight and have a wonderful concert tomorrow night. Also, happy birthday~” You sang happily as you blew kisses to him through the screen.

“Goodnight, my love.” Were his last words before closing his laptop. Now he really wanted to see you, the video chat’s couldn’t capture your full beauty.

You hated leaving him so sad but you couldn’t reveal anything. So you left it at that, short and sweet. Slipping under the covers you reached up and turned off the lamp as you tried to set aside your excitement for the tomorrow night.

Hustling and bustling, here and there, you finally reached the arena where Infinite was scheduled to perform. The manager guided you to a private dressing room as you got your own coodi noona and wardrobe full of dresses.

Standing at the rack of dresses, you knew that Dongwoo’s favorite color was green so choosing a nice dark green dress with some sparkles was the perfect choice for tonight.

Slipping on some black shoes, you sat in the chair to have your hair styled and your makeup done as you fiddled with your fingers nervously.

“What is wrong?” Your stylist asked as she pulled your hair up on one side.

“I just hope that Dongwoo is surprised. I hope that he likes everything and that it is perfect.” You said as she pulled your hair into a clip and turned you around and before you knew it you were ready.

“I am sure that he will love it. You can’t go wrong with love.” She said happily as she wished you luck as you paced back and forth waiting for your signal.

The screaming girls were heard in your room as you knew that they just came out on stage, the harsh beat was felt in your room as you did some of the dance moves that you learned.

After a few songs, a knock came from your door as you walked up and opened it.

“Ready?” The manager said as you nodded, you followed him out of the room.

Everyone behind the stage was hustling and bustling with the cake and presents, making a beautiful display that they would roll out for Dongwoo to blow out the candles. You walked up to the curtain still staying within the shadows as Woohyun and Myungsoo came over and grabbed the cart which held the cake and presents. Woohyun winked at you as he saw you standing there and Myungsoo smiled at you.

Rolling out the cart the crowd began to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ loudly as he covered his mouth as he already started getting teary eyed. Once the crowd finished singing he made a wish and blew out his candles.

“What did you wish for Dongwoo?” Sunggyu said in the microphone.

“Well you know you aren’t supposed to tell; but I know that it won’t come true.”

Dongwoo took a breath as he tried to steady his breathing.

“Please tell us hyung!” Sungjong whined happily as the crowd yelled for him to tell them. Hoya used his finger to pull you from the shadows of the curtains as you stood a little bit away from Dongwoo, but just close enough.

“Ok, my one wish was for ______ to be here with me.” Dongwoo began to get choked up again as you gently called.

“Woo-ssi?” Your sweet voice called as you walked closer to him. Almost like a movie, Dongwoo turned around and saw you, but he couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.

Wrapping his arms tightly around you, he gripped you never to let you go again.

“Happy Birthday Woo~” You ran your fingers through his hair. “Surprise.” You kissed his head gently as his nuzzled his head into your shoulder.

“Y-Y-You’re h-h-here?” He cried into your shoulder as you smile

“I am, your one wish.” You kissed his cheek as he stood back up.

“Happy Birthday Dongwoo!” The members all gathered around you two as the crowd cheered happily.

Dongwoo took this chance to talk with the fans as he held your hand tightly. “Thank you all so much for being a part of my birthday, I love all of you, my members and _______.

For everything that they did. For the staff and everyone that has been apart of my life. I want to thank my mom and dad for raising me and for my sisters for helping me learn and grow.” He blew kisses out to the crowd before he hugged you again.

Sungyeol passed you a microphone as you talked through it.

“Thank you all and for the members for putting this all together but I do have a little surprise for my Woo.” You said as you held his hand and Hoya took his position next to you.

“You are my special, special, special Boy~” You began to sing as you did the movements with Hoya, he sung with you happily. Dongwoo smiled happily as you sang his song with Hoya changing the lyrics just for your special Dinosaur.

Once the song was over Dongwoo wrapped you in a hug. 'Thank you’ he whispered as tears began to form once again.

“You’re welcome Woo.” You kissed him on the lips softly as he pecked your lips for another little kiss, the crowd awed as the members all gagged around you. Not caring you let the kiss lengthen a little before pulling him away.

“Thank you Inspirits for a wonderful night. See you next time!” Sunggyu bid a farewell to everyone as all of the members waved happily at their fans. They all made an exit from the stage as Dongwoo never let go of your hand.

Wrapping his hands around your waist he kissed your lips again.

“I’m so glad that you are here.” Dongwoo said gently as he pushed your hair behind your ear.

“Me too, I am so glad that I got to be here on your birthday.” You moved your hands up around his neck as you played with his hair. “Was I your only wish?”

“My One Wish, the only one that I ever want.” Dongwoo said before wrapping you in a hug before going to his members to celebrate the rest of the night.

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