Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with part five of my Yuyan fanfic. This will be the last one for a while because I actually have to continue writing the fic before I can put anymore up~

Part 1

Part 2




Hwitaek had notified Hyojong of Yuto and Yanan’s date and told him that he should probably move on with the next step of their plan. So they set up a specific day to let everything unfold.


“Hey Yuto.”


“So, I heard from Hwitaek that you took Yanan out on the date finally. What’s it been like two weeks.”

“Um, I took him out two days after you asked me to.”

“So you guys went out twice?”


“Okay so you totally earned your money.”

“I don’t want your money.”

“But, that’s why you took Yanan out right?”

“No, I took him out because you asked me to.”

“For the money?”

“No, because-”

Yuto suddenly fell silent and Hyojong took notice of the uncomfortable aura surrounding Yuto.

"Oh my god! You like him don’t you?”

Yuto looked up at Hyojong and debated on whether he should tell him the truth, and in the thirty seconds of silence Hyojong had already had him figured out.

“You do! That’s so cute!”

“Shut up.”

“Also, I’m sorry in advance because I told Hwitaek to tell Yanan that I paid you to take him out.”

“Why on Earth would you do that?”

Yuto was fuming and Hyojong had noticed the visible change in Yuto’s demeanor. He suddenly felt small next to the Japanese male.

“Because Yanan told Hwitaek that he liked you and we wanted him to be happy and we didn’t know that you liked him back so I thought that if I paid you to take him out then maybe you’d kind of fall in love with him and then it could be the fairy tale happily ever after.”

“Well how can that happen when you tell him that all of it was actually for money? How can he be happy when he thinks that he was just worth money?”

“Well, we were just trying to help.”

“So by asking me to go on a date with him, without knowing that I liked him, because he liked me hoping that I’d magically return the feelings is what you call helping?”

“We tried to-”

“Next time don’t try to help. You do realize that he trusted me, right? And you do realize that now that trust is gone because you tried to make him happy?”


“And now he’s probably sitting in his room thinking that I’ve betrayed his trust and that all I wanted was money.”

“You can say sorry, it’s not that bad right?”

“I fucking kissed him!”




No, it’s fine. You tried to help a friend.”

“But it’s all my fault.”

“It’s fine. I’m going to apologize to him.”


That's it for part five. As always comments are appreciated. Chow for now and always remember:

~Stay Beautiful.

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