Coffee Break part 59

So I have been continually adding to this chapter over the last few days and it turned out really long.

Keri view**

There was so much to do today for Mel's wedding. I couldn't believe that I had been neglecting my friend for several weeks and now it was her wedding.  I had my dress already and Yoongi had given me an amazing necklace to go with it before.

"I'm getting my clothes packed now Mel. I'll meet you at the hotel and then we can go from there. Do you have a list of things to do?" I asked on the phone with Mel.

"Of course I have a list. You honestly think I wouldn't. Keri I have so much to prepare for" Mel sounded panicked

"Wasn't your mom doing almost all of it?" I asked stopping in my packing since I was confused.

"Oh come on Keri, just because she did doesn't mean I don't have a lot to do. I still have to get the dress on, get my make up, make sure the venue is set up and make sure all the big stuff is in place. And trust me the husband to be isn't doing anything to help so I have to make sure he shaves and gets his suit and isn't hung over. You know he was out partying all night last night."   She made it sound like she was in a blind panic.

It sounded more like she was verifying things and just getting ready.

"Okay well I'll be there as soon as I can." I told her

"Half hour Keri. Half hour otherwise I'm going to have a total break down without you" Mel said. I sighed and went back to packing.

"It takes a half hour to get to the hotel Mel Mel and I'm still packing. I will be there in less then an hour. I'll tell you that" I told her calmly.

"Fine. Fine. I'll be in my room. And bring a bottle of wine with you" she said after a pause.

Oh this was going to be interesting.

I finished packing my overnight bag and put my dress in a garment bag to keep it nice. My hair and make up were getting done there so I didn't have to worry about that.

Looking at the time it was 11:27, I had to be there by 12:30 but I was calling up the taxi now to take me so I would be there in half hour, no later then noon.

While I waited I called Yoongi up.

"Hey babe" Yoongi answered

"Hi I was just calling you before I left the house. Mels having me come a little earlier" I informed him.

"I don't have to be there until 4 though right?" He asked double checking.

"Right at 4 you have to be there and the wedding is set to start at 5" I reminded him. "You have your bag packed so you can spend the night at the hotel?" I asked.

"I'm packing now. Hey do I need to wear a tie and vest to this? Or can I just get away with the jacket?" He asked.

"Yoongi, your supposed to wear the full suit." I said.

"Fine but if it doesn't look good on me I'm not wearing it" he informed me.

"Alright whatever." I said.

"What's wrong? You don't say whatever?" Yoongi questioned

"Mel is being a drama queen. But it's her day so she's allowed to be" I said.

I explained how she was on the phone and he just agreed.

"Hey my ride is here. You know where the hotel is and how to get there right?" I asked.

"Yes and I know to come dressed. Keri I'll worry about myself you just take care of you and the bride" yoongi said.

"Thanks for that. Okay love you  see you later,  a little before 4 so you can put your stuff in the room" I added

'Got it. Bye babe" he said

I hung up after him and told the driver the hotel. He had already put my bags in the trunk and was waiting.

I got to the hotel in 35 minutes and checked in at the front desk. I then asked her where the bridal suite was where Mel was getting ready.  It took 5 minutes of explaining how I was her maid of honor and she had called telling me she was having a break down and I couldn't get ahold of her. Finally the sympathy hit and I got the room number plus my room changed to a few doors down from the brides it was very sweet of her. Not necessary but sweet.

I stopped at my room and dumped my stuff off, then grabbed my garment bag and the bottle of white wine and headed towards her room.

"Keri!" Mel cried out when she opened the door.

"What's wrong?" I asked worried.

"I can't do it! I can't get the dress on and look pretty" she said

"Honey. Your not supposed to put the dress on by yourself. And you Need to get hair and make up done first" I explained.

"But I want it on now!" She exclaimed.

"Take it easy Mel, you don't want to ruin your dress by getting colorful make up on it and hairspray.  You'll be in that dress all night and be beautiful" I told her.

I spent 10 minutes talking her out of putting on the dress. By the time I did and we each had a glass of wine in us there was a knock at the door and the make up slash hair stylist was there.

I let the hairstylist do her work. An hour and a half later we were done. Mel's make up was done and her hair was in beautiful spiral curls and pinned back.

My hair was put into a side sweep with curls and baby's breath in my hair. To me it looked weird but I wasn't the one insisting on the thing being in my hair instead of pearl pins like the bride.

It took 15 minutes to help her with the dress, thankfully there was no corset to go with it, but she had put her own white corset as lingerie underneath.

By the time she was done I had to change into my own dress.

"Keri can you go check downstairs that everything is set up and ready Then bring my mother up here" Mel asked.

"I can do that right after I change. We're almost to the point we have to go downstairs" I told her.

"Fine change and don't forget the heels to go with, they are by my white ones by the bed" Mel said.

Shoes? I thought I already had my shoes on my feet. They were open toed black shoes. What was on the bed was different. They were a dark Navy blue that had a stiletto of 3 inches and a strap for the toes and to go around the ankle. They were very pretty, but I could also see myself falling.

"You'll be fine your walking down the aisle with The best man Sooya he can hold you upright."

"Okay, well I'm going to wait to put them on until I come back up" I said eyeing the heels.

"You don't trust yourself running in them" Mel chuckled "its okay" she added.

"Thank you Mel Mel. They are beautiful shoes" I told her leaning down to hug her.

I left the room and went downstairs. It took me twenty minutes to find her mother and she had everything set up in the room and guests were starting to arrive.

When I passed by the front foyer of the hotel I spotted Yoongi. Leaving mother to go up on her own I went over to him.

"Wow keri, you look beautiful" he grinned when I approached him.

"Thank you sweetheart. You looking dashing yourself" I grinned seeing him in the suit.

"I do don't I? I can clean up pretty well" he said with a grin.

"Come on, I have a room upstairs" I told him after leaning in to kiss his cheek.

"Heh, already wanting me out of my pants" Yoongi teased. I squeezed my eyes shut and chuckled.

"Oh yes, but that will have to wait until after" I teased right back


"Well that seems promising" he chuckled throwing an arm around my shoulders as we started to walk to the elevators.

I spent a couple minutes explaining what was happening and what role I had in the wedding. I was done when we got to our room.

"So I won't be able to sit with you at the wedding?" He asked.

"No, but people will be at the tables and I'll be sitting next to you after the ceremony is done. We're sitting at the family table which means we'll be sitting with mami and papa plus a couple aunts and uncles." I told him.

"That's fine. I like Mel's dad" he nodded.

"Okay um you'll have to go downstairs without me in a few minutes I have to walk down with Mel and Mami' I told him.

"That's fine. I can fend for myself" yoongi nodded.

I spent a few more minutes with him before going over to Mel's room. Mami and Mel were already to go, so I changed shoes and we went down.

A half hour later I was linked arms with Sooya, he was a Playboy, that was for sure by the way he kept flirting with me but I continued to just smile and let it go. We were the first to walk down, halfway through I started having trouble in the heels so had to hang onto Sooya, who grinned in turn and held me upright as we walked. When the bride came out with her father all eyes were on her.

It turned into a beautiful ceremony and the groom and bride were on Their best behavior.

After it was done I went with Mel to have pictures taken outside. It was a beautiful sunny day.

When we came back inside and into the room they made a big deal, announcing the mother and father of both bride and groom, then me and Sooya next and then the bride and groom.

"You took your time getting back to me" Yoongi said when I came back and sat next to him.

"We were taking pictures" I said.

"That's fine. This was a good day for them" yoongi commented.

"It really was. And no bridzilla" I chuckled.

"Are they sitting at this table too?" He asked looking around.

On the raised platform that they got married on was now a table and chairs with as big sign of Mr and Mrs on the table.

"They are sitting up there" I pointed.

"Oh okay." He nodded.

Throughout the reception, we drank we danced, we socialized with the few people I knew who were friends with Mel.

By 11 o'clock me and yoongi were ready to go up to our room for a little alone time.

"Keri" yoongi said as I sat on the bed and took my shoes off.

"Yes?" I looked at him. Yoongi looked like he was up to something. He had his hands in his pockets and was looking at the ground.

"Yoongi? Something wrong?" I asked standing up.

"No no" he shook his head.

"Then why do you look so down?" I asked.

"I'm not. I'm happy right now" he said looking up at me. "Actually nervous" he chuckled looking away.

My eyes widened.

"No" the word came out of my mouth fast. His eyes shot to me and he looked freaked out.

"What?" He barely breathed out the word.

"I swear if you try to propose to me right now I will start laughing" I warned him. A tickling feeling was already at the back of my throat.

A slow grin came across his face.

"You think you would laugh if I proposed to you?' He asked.

"Yes! Yoongi yes" I couldn't help it. That grin became wider on his face.

"I haven't asked you yet" he teased. I could only shake my head. "Is my little coffee nut giving me mixed signals?" He stepped closer.

"I'm telling you yes I would laugh if you did" I told him.

"Well your already laughing" he noted stepping closer until he was mere inch or so away. "I hope its out of excitement" he added as he slid something on my finger.

 I looked down to see a ring with a row of stones on it.

"I know its your friends wedding day and I can imagine the feelings running through you are a mix. I had all this planned to do it in front of her but, I didn't want to take the focus off the bride" he started.

"That was nice of you" I said.

He was right my mind was a jumble of thoughts and emotions, but one feeling overshadowed it all.

"Its also because there is a condition with this proposal" he said confusing me.

"What?" I frowned, but he just chuckled

 "I thought about this and I want to tie you to me and me to you" he went on. "So I thought doing this just the two of us would be better" he grinned. "I know I can't get married for a couple more years due to work, but I want to make a promise to you, as long as you wear this ring, I will think of you as my bride" he said.

The excitement bubbled inside of me. He must have thought on this for a long time to take into account our lives.

"Yes Yoongi" I nodded smiling to him. "I'll wear it for you" I said. He cut my sentence off with a kiss. It was one hell of a kiss too.

When he pushed me down on the bed and climbed on me I couldn't help but giggle, his proposal was one hell of one. A proposal that I never would have for seen.

When I drew away from his mouth I grinned.

"Just promise me that when we do get married you'll get me a new ring, one that's shinier and has a new promise to it" I said holding his eyes. It was his turn to laugh.

"Yes baby, yes" he chuckled before going back to kissing me.

Hehehe. oh I like that proposal there. lol I was like wait marriage yet, ooo yoongi got a condition along with that proposal. lop. Okay I sorry I totally fan girled at that point, just several times over. lol.

Well Now that I have got these two all wrapped up moving back on over to Tae tae and Layla! Latae!!! lol

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