Sen. Warren Rising in Presidential Poll

The former secretary of state and first lady dominated last week’s new Quinnipiac University survey, which showed her gobbling up 61 percent of support and beating any Republican challenger — be it New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul or Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz — by anywhere from 13 to 23 points. But no one in the past five months has made a bigger jump as a potential presidential contender than Warren, according to pollsters. At 7 percent, she ranked third among Democrats, behind Clinton, of course — way behind — and Vice President Joe Biden, who sat at 11 percent. But in May, she was a non-starter, according to Quinnipiac pollsters, not even registering among Democrats and “Democrat leaners.” She then jumped the seven points in October — the biggest ascent of anyone in the poll, Democrat or Republican. A spokesman for the Cambridge Democrat didn’t respond to questions about the poll results. And, for anyone who tried calling Warren’s main office number since Tuesday, you’re not getting a live person — but more on that later.

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