trigger warning!

this story contains killing, please read at your own discretion.


Hoseok stared at the pale colored walls, his face void of any emotion whatsoever. He thought about what was to happen the next day— the day where he had to end another life. It, however, wasn't just any life. The person he was to take, to end their lives, was none other than his wife's life. It broke him down the more he thought about it, the more it hurt his insides. He couldn't help but feel like half of his soul was gone with just the simple thought of Y/N's blood on his hands. He closed his eyes, tears threatening to spill from his cold brown eyes. A body lay next to him, the sound of soft snores replacing the empty silence. Hoseok turned his head to the side, carefully taking in the females beautiful features. He sighed before looking away. The body was not Y/N's, no, it couldn't have been hers. He didn't mean to cheat on her, but he needed a distraction. A distraction so he wouldn't hesitate to end his wife's life. But the more he spent time with this female, the more he thrusted his hips into hers, the more their lips and hands connected, he couldn't help but feel like Y/N was the one he was holding, kissing, making love to. He sighed once more and sat up, turning his body so his feet would meet the cold floor. He held tightly onto the sheets and huffed out warm air. He stood up and picked up his clothing from the floor, quickly putting them on. He looked back at the woman whom he had used, he pursed his lips into a thin line and turned around, walking out of the room. He walked out of the house, the cold air instantly hitting his face. His body shivered, but he paid no attention as he walked through the snow covered sidewalk. Hoseok turned the corner into the alley when he felt his phone in his pocket begin to vibrate. The vibration of the device made him stop in his tracks as he reached into his pocket and retrieved the device. He chewed harshly on the skin of his bottom lip when his eyes read the name that appeared in bold letters. He picked up the phone and quickly brought the cold device to his ear. "Is the task done, Mr. Jung?" A female's voice came through. Hoseok gritted his teeth in anger. "Not yet. It will be completed soon," Hoseok responded after a few short seconds of silence. The lady on the other said nothing as she hung up the phone. Hoseok shoved the device back into his pocket and started walking forward, dreading what was to come. He unlocked the door, and stepped inside the warm place he once called home. He hung up his coat and removed his shoes. The house was eerily quiet and Hoseok raised an eyebrow. Usually Y/N would be up and awake. He walked into the kitchen and he felt his heart drop. Melted candles were now goo and the food seemed to have lost it's glow. In the middle of the table, sat Y/N. In her red dress that Hoseok loved her in the most, and her hair nicely done. Her head in on her arms as slow breaths escaped her mouth. He bit his lip and turned his attention to the knife that rested on the turkey. With shaky fingers, he pulled the knife out and looked at it carefully. He took heavy steps until he was behind Y/N. He twirled the knife twice in his hands before raising it in the air. "I'm sorry..." He whispered. Tears left his slightly swollen eyes, and his breathing and heartbeat go faster. In that instant, as if it was magic, Y/N woke up. She looked around, probably asking where she was. A broken sigh left her lips and she slowly stood up. She turned around and a small noise left her lips at the sight of Hoseok and a knife. Y/N's breathing suddenly hitched as she felt terrified at the sight of Hoseok. She opened her mouth, but no words came out. Hoseok gulped loudly before standing up straight, acting like this isn't anything. He twirled the knife in his hands, looking directly at Amber, but he couldn't look at her in the eyes. "W-Why are you d-doing this?" Y/N questioned, her body moving back to the chair, fear in her eyes. Hoseok said nothing as he kept looking at Y/N— taking in her facial features one last time. "Answer me!" Y/N yelled. Hoseok flinched at her tone, but he remained quiet. Y/N felt the rush of negative feelings coursing through her. But only one question overcame all those feelings, all those doubts; Why? "Are you going to kill me?" Y/N asked, her tone a sudden sadness he could never even think of having. He put the knife down on the counter behind him. "I'm sorr-" he tried getting closer, but Y/N quickly dodged him. "Don't come near me!" She screamed, tears spilling out of her eyes. Hoseok's eyes widened, but he couldn't bring himself to say anything. They stared at each other for the longest time, too afraid to move from theirs spots for all the wrong reasons. Hoseok felt his heartbreak— he never wanted her to look at him with such tremendous amount of fear, hate, ans desperation. "Why, Kain? Why?" Y/N's voice reached Hoseok's ears. Hoseok bit his lip before sighing. "I... I was told to kill you... because if I didn't... They would murder both of our families before finally ending the both of us... Please know that I-" Hoseok didn't finish his sentence as the sound of a hand hitting skin resounded through the breaking house. "You're a pathetic excuse for a human being. I told you not to get involved with them, but you never listened to me!" Y/N sobbed out, falling to her knees. Hoseok stood there, not knowing what to do, except stare at his wife's breaking soul. He wanted to yell, wanted to scream, and even wanted to hurt himself. After all, this is his fault. After what seemed like an hour, Y/N finally calmed down and stood up, ready to face Hoseok. She grabbed the knife, placed it in Hoseok's hand and wrapped her arms around his neck. "If I'm to die, I want to kiss my husband before the bastard takes my life," she said, her voice a barely audible whisper. Hoseok brought his face lower and placed his lips on Amber's, taking them in a slow and passionate kiss. He slowly brought his hand up, placing the knife on Y/N's back. He pulled her closer, not wanting her to get stabbed. But then it happened. Hoseok loosened his grip, letting Y/N go as she moved backwards and straight into the knife. Hoseok felt like he was the one being stabbed. Y/N wore a smile before she fell to the floor. Hoseok sobbed out as he fell to his knees, asking for forgiveness, pecking Y/N's lips hoping that she really isn't gone. But Y/N isn't to wake up; Y/N isn't to hold his hand, or make love with him. All because he took her for granted. All because he sided with the enemy. He lost his everything, he held onto his wife's body, sobbing like there's no tomorrow. And maybe this was supposed to happen, maybe it wasn't. Either way, he can't change the passed no matter how much he wants to. "Goodbye," he murmured as he got up and walked out the door, never to be seen again.

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