Long Time No See

Hey guys!! I'm back!! I've missed you all SO MUCH! I am so happy I get to return for another quarter with all of you as a mod and Ikon supporter with my adorable baby Yunhyeong! Now for a little while my cards won't be as good as they usually are cause I'm fighting to get Internet at my new place so for the meantime I am using my phone so I'm constricted with what I am able to post. But I still plan to do my best and I hope you all still enjoy my cards. For today I'm gonna do a bit of a picture spam and a bit of an intro for those of you who are new and may not know me. go by Brittany or Brit. I'm 27 years old and I'm a pharmacy technician of 2 years at Walgreens. I live in Florida with my kitten Amaya. I can be a bit shy when I meet new people but once I get to know you and/or feel comfortable around you I'll open up and be myself around you. I have 3 tattoos and 2 piercings. Uhhh...gosh I'm bad at these haha I love watching kdrama's and movies, I love listening to music, hanging with friends, being outdoors, I love just lounging around the house as well. I've been into kpop since early 2011 and have been a fan of Ikon since WIN. In Ikon I bounced around for a bit between the members before YoYo in the end won the spot of bias. My bias wrecker would have to be Jinhwan but I love those dorks SO much! Ask any of the girls here who know me lol they'll tell you just how much. These boys are my life. My favorite OTP is June x Jinhwan, Double B and YoYo and June.

Again I apologize that this is kind of short and not as entertaining but I promise I'll do better next time! It's so great to be back with you all! Let's have yet another great quarter! 3 Ikon mod: @AaliyahNewbell Konie Crew 2.0 :@XxGummybear92xX@xoxorittie@IsoldaPazo@resavalencia@Sailynn Konie crew 2.0 master tag list♡♡ :@NicoleFireRose@PolarStarr@ivyheart13@JasminMartinez@AimeeH@karinamiranda81@Lexxcisco@xxchicharitoxx@Starbell808@LinnyOk@VeronicaArtino@Jinnyrod3@ChaHakyum@Ivonvons@dreemer13@ibMIMI@pharmgirlerin@Lthekid8@cranberriesmann@HanbinsWife@MamaNini@Jinnyrod3@ChaHakyum THE WINKONICS SQUAD♡♡♡ @IsoldaPazo@XxGummybear92xX@SuperJuniorelf@locoforjiyong@reyestiny93@resavalencia@johnEvans@vipgirl5@KAddict@LysetteMartinez@Moose1998@MrsChoiJunHong@janessaakemi@JuanitaBooRiv@amberg171997@punkpandabear@salo@himeoppa@B1A4BTS5ever@LocoForJiyong@JohnEvans@xxchicharitoxx@AubriePope@LemonLassie@twistedPuppy@SuperJuniorelf@kennaxx@KpopQueenaBee@awkwardlove23@NicoleFireRose@LisetteZapata@kikie311@GiriBoyXAOMG@swarrier16@mrsjeon@JewelsLouise1@Sherrysahar@Stephany123@MelissaGarza@Taekookimonster Konie Crew 2.0 :@XxGummybear92xX@xoxorittie@IsoldaPazo@resavalencia@Sailynn@AaliyahNewbell VIXXEN squad: @Helixx@resavalencia@AimeeH@LemonLassie@StephanieDuong@JiyongLeo@turntuptae@AlexisJ15@awkwardjazzy@adritae@xoxorittie@InfinitySky@ChaErica@CrookedShadow Gorilla Mod Squad@awkwardjazzy@ChaErica@mbg3t@bapastro@twistedpuppy@CrookedShadow@Tigerlily84@JiyongLeo@Josyy7@yehetmyohorat97@xoxorittie D.O.A CREW @twistedPuppy@CrookedShadow@jjrockstar@VixenViVi@xoxorittie@AlexisJ15 Tree Protectors:@IsoldaPazo@XxGummybear92xX@StefaniTre@awkwardjazzy@xoxorittie@Tinytreeleaf KDramatics@VeronicaArtino@luna1171@twistedPuppy@resavalencia@SatinSkies@xoxorittie@KokoroNoTakara •Korean☆Mod Squad•:@awkwardjazzy@Eswee@xoxorittie@ShailaZaman@OppasManBun@Baekyeol27 24k community moderator:@InkedKpopQueen@turnuptae@SweetDuella@IsoldaPazo@xoxorittie@twistedpuppy

She made gentle the wild oceans of your soul; that was her magic. She could still see the sunset, even on the darkest days. After all, she wasn't given wings to see the world from a tree, so she'll wait for you among the stars. Come find her when you're ready.
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