Fairy Tail chapter 519!! Review!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜†

Hey guys!!! It's been a while since I did a chapter review, but I'll be doing them a lot more now!! Anyways this chapter was pretty interesting! We might have lost a character that we would actually have come to love!

So far Recap :

So far Fairy tail (and other friends) are in a massive war with Zeref. Natsu is in a coma right now and is on the bridge of death. Makarov is dead (as of right now) but let's see if something happens to change that! Anyways we ended last chapter off with Erza fighting Eileen (her mom) and Eileen turns into a dragon and crushes most of Erzas bones. In that time there happen to be a meteorite coming towards the battle field . Erza, with the last of her strength uses her good arm to launch her self towards the meteor.....

This chapter:

Erza managed to destroy the meteor and while coming back down she cut Eileen with a dragon slaying enchanted sword. Doing this caused Eileen to change back into her human form. Erza and a Wendy both unable to move are completely warn out and are no longer able to fight. Eileen sees this as a chance to kill Erza. While picking up the sword to kill Erza, Eileen was practically useless after seeing Erza laugh at her.

Eileen is an extremely strong character and I honestly believed all along that she could not kill Erza especially with all of the love she shown while waiting 400 years to have her. She lied to make her seem evil but in the end she loved Erza! This changed everything in this chapter. We had a character that we disliked on one page then the next day she was a mom who loved her daughter and made me love Eileen's character.

What I think:

I am shocked that Eileen decided to stab herself with with the sword but my main question is "will she die"? I'm not completely sure if she will or not but it may be likely that she will. Here's my theory on how the next chapter may go dealing with Erza and Eileen.

Theory: I have 3 theories.

Theory 1: If Eileen dies-

After Eileen stabbed herself with the sword you could say that she's going to die if that happened it would take a few minutes or so. In this time Erza could have had a change of gears and craw owner to her mother and talk to her one last time. In this talk Eileen will give Erza some info about Zeref or maybe use the last of her magic to help out Fairy tail by enchanting them or killing off some enemies. Also Eileen may leave Erza something such as give her a permanent enhance, an item to remember her or something else, maybe even the magic she took from Mavis. I believe something like this could happen next chapter if no one steps in. (Theory 3)

Theory 2: if Eileen lives

If Eileen was only damaged slightly where she could like she may still talk with Erza for a quick second then go unconscious while still helping out fairy tail with an enchantment or something along those lines. If this were to happen then later on after the aftermath of the battle takes place we could see Eileen get patched up with bandages and slowly start her relationship with Erza or she may leave Erza permanently. I believe something like this would have a chance of happening if she lived on.

Theory 3: what is Zeref steps in??

What if Zeref did step in? He knows most of what's going on in the battle field, especially while trying to find Mavis. He needs Eileen to extract Fairy Heart so I would not put it above him to retrieve Eileen's body , heal her and use her to get Fairy heart. Eileen Also already has taken a bit of mavis power so Zeref may need that tiny bit.

This is all just a theory - if it completely changes from what I believe it to be then like I said , it's only a theory!! Anyways what do you think will happen? Do you want Eileen to live or to die? Do you like Eileen's character now or not??? I would love to hear your response!! Comment below! Let's talk!!

Thanks for reading!!

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