Two for One Sale (Namjoon x Reader x Jackson) Part 2:

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Namjoon x Reader x Jackson

Word Count: 1209


Namjoon’s POV:

After my meeting at the hotel, I decided to leave and go get something to eat. I got on the elevator and saw a beautiful girl sanding there. She seemed to try to stay to herself, so I tried not to bother her and slid in the back of the elevator. I looked at my messages and saw I had gotten one from Jackson. I looked at the message and it ask “lunch?” It was like he read my mind. “Yeah, where?” he told me one of our favorite spots because we could get good food and we can sit somewhere private. Which was great because fan wouldn’t bother us and we could catch up with each other. “Alright, see you there.”

As I was sending the next text I saw something fall out of the girls’ clutch. I picked it up and tapped on her shoulder. God, she was beautiful. I tried to not sound nervous when I started to speak. “I…I think you dropped this.” I handed her the ID that I picked up. She took it from my hand “Oh, Thank you.” I couldn’t help, but to look at her lips. ‘Wait, what was she saying? Focus!’ “…what I would have done if I lost it...” I smiled like an idiot “It’s no problem… I do it all the time.” ‘Quit babbling you fool!’ I screamed at myself inside my head. Finally, after making a fool of myself, the elevator dinged and both got off at the lobby. ‘Stop looking at her face blankly and listen to her. “…Thank you so much.” ‘Oh, she’s turning around! Stop her and get her number…’ “Miss!” I call out to her and she turned around and I freaked. “It was very nice to meet you...” ‘You’re an idiot,’ I told myself as I walked out.

Jackson’s POV:

I know I shouldn’t have told her a fake name, but I was going to fix that during lunch. I hope I don’t scare her to badly when I take off my mask…

(Y/n)’s POV:

When we got there the lady in the front took us to a private booth in the back, which I total understood because he was an idol. He practically pulled me along was about to get me to sit. “Um, I’m need to use the restroom…” “Oh, okay. They’re just down that hall.” He said pointing at the hall to my right. I smiled and started to walk down the hall.

Namjoon’s POV:

I walked into the shop and I told her that Jackson was waiting for me. Even since we started to come here, the lady at the front desk has always remembered us since her granddaughter was in love with our groups. She lead me to the our usual round booth in the back. I smiled, Jackson was one of my closes friends the Kpop industry. I was happy to see him after not speaking to each other in months on end. “Hey!” We both grabbed each other and hugged it out for a good minute or so. “Dude, what’s with the mask?” it was weird the hadn’t taken it off yet when we had privacy. “Um… About that…” he paused. I heard a sigh to the right of us.

When I turned to see who it was, I froze. It was her… the girl in the elevator. “You know you don’t have to hide your face, Jackson…” “Oh…um… I can explain…” he slowly took off his mask. “No,” she said with a laugh. “There’s no need. I sure you had your reasons…” she said and caught my gaze. “Oh, I didn’t know we were having company.” She said with a smile.

My heart started to race. Jackson cleared his throat at steal our attention back. “(Y/n) this is Namjoon from BTS, Namjoon this is (Y/n).” “Nice to officially meet you, Namjoon…” she put a hand out for me to shake. “The elevator girl…” I could hear a giggle escape from her mouth. Jackson had a confused look on his face. “Yes, I’m the one that you met at the hotel in the elevator…”

After the awkward introduction, we all sat down, Jackson explained how they had met on the plane and talked to each other the majority. He hid his identity because he wanted to have a conversation with a human being without them freaking out that he was an idol. “So, when did you find out?” Now she was sandwiched in between us in the booth. We were all spread out, but I felt like I was still at an uncomfortable distance with her. “Um, well, you seemed familiar in the first place and when I looked on my social media accounts and I saw a picture of you leaving the airport…” I wasn’t really listening to their conversation. All I could do was stare at them both. I watched how he looked at her… I sighed. I knew exactly what was going on.

(Y/n)’s POV:

At first, I thought the dinner was going well, until I got a glimpse on Namjoon’s facial expressions as I looked in his direction. He looked like he was a mixture of worried, sad and frustrated at the same time. I tried to get his mind off whatever he was thinking by making jokes and stuff like that, but it just seems like it was making things worse. I eventually tried to be as quiet as possible towards the end of the meal. I didn’t want to stress him anymore than before.

“(Y/n)? You okay? You’ve gotten quiet all of the sudden…” Jackson asked. I looked at him as he pulled ne out of my thought process. “Um, yeah, I think I’m still feeling a bit of jetlag,” I cover up. “So, what kind of music do you like?” Namjoon suddenly asked. “I have been listening to a lot of kpop recently, but I like all kind of music.” “What’s your favorite group?” Jackson asked. I cleared my throat. Things were about to get uncomfortable… “You know, I don’t think we should get into this…” “Get into what?” Jackson asked. “What do you like to listen to?” I diverted. “No, I want to talk about you, I talk about myself to much… Who’s your favorite group?”

“Jackson, you’re making her a bit uncomfortable…” Namjoon spoke up. I was surprised by his input in the issue. I sighed. “Thank you Namjoon, but maybe I should get this over with…I saw him shift in his seat, seeming interested in my answer. “Well, I like a lot of groups. If I had to choose my top two girl groups they would be (name of your top two girl groups) and my top two boy groups would have to be…” I hesitate for a second and took a deep breath. “BTS and GOT7…” “I think Jackson is a bit disappointed by his look on his face…” Namjoon laughed. I looked at him. His mood had changed. “No, I’m not disappointed, I’m just curious as in who you like the most out of those groups…” “My lips are sealed! I will go no further! I'll take it to my death bed if I have to!” Namjoon chuckled at my silence.


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