Rumor has it ... Hyun Bin had a fist fight with Kim Min Joon

here’s a violent rumor cloud floating around which involves actor Hyun Bin getting into a real fist fight with fellow actor Kim Min Joon! Like, umm, when did this even happen because Hyun Bin wasn’t even around for 2 years because he was in the military? 0 Like +1 2 Tweet Well, Kim Min Joon and Hyun Bin are as lost as me because they don’t know when this alleged fight supposedly happened either! Kim Min Joon recently appeared on the show I Live Alone and explained that the last time he even saw Hyun Bin was before his military enlistment, and he sure didn’t get into a fight with him then or after that. He even called Hyun Bin about the rumor and of course he hadn’t even heard about it, so obviously it never happened. The only place Hyun Bin and Kim Min Joon were throwing punches was in the dramatic mind of the person who initially started this lame rumor (-_-).

Oh! To be ALIVE!! What a blessing!
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